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80+ Best Men’s Fashion Blogs
June 6th, 2011Fashion, Inspiration, Style, TrendsSolosso 10 Comments

If you’ve been looking for the best men’s fashion blogs out there, look no further. What started as a small list of our favourite men’s fashion blogs some time ago, grew into a list of 80+ excellent men’s fashion blogs which will provide you with all the inspiration you need to dress with style. Let’s start with our Top 20, an elite list of the best men’s fashion blogs with excellent and regular new content. Wanna follow these fashion blogs on Twitter? Check out their Twitter feeds (in brackets) or follow the whole top 20 men’s fashion blogs directly as a list on Twitter (@Solosso/solosso-top-20). Get ready, here we go!

Top 20 Men Fashion Blogs

  1. Put This On (@putthison): My all time favourite when it comes to men’s fashion blogs. Wonderful content, great video series. Let Jesse, Derek and Adam guide you through the world of men fashion and style.
  2. Brooks Brothers Blog (@BrooksBrothers): The Look, The Clothes, The Answers, The Life, The Man, simple as that. A blog run by the gentlemen at Brooks Brothers, sharing with you their knowledge gathered over almost 200 years of being in the fashion universe.
  3. GQ Style (@TheGQStyle): GQ needs no introduction to men’s fashion blog audience. Have a look at their style blog. Great content complemented with lots of images makes it an enjoyable read.
  4. Individualism (@individualism): Documenting men’s style in a refreshing and unique way through quick-read, informative posts and originally produced videos. Can’t put it better myself, that’s exactly what these guys do and they do it great. Have a look for yourself.
  5. Valet (@valetmag): Professional in both style and content, you can feel a strong team of journalists behind this blog, guiding you effortlessly from style, through culture to grooming. An appealing mix.
  6. Everyguyed (@everyguyed): There’s barely an aspect of men’s style that Everyguyed doesn’t cover. Displaying the content of a whole network of their niche style blogs, Everyguyed is a compelling read.
  7. A Continuous Lean (@acontinuouslean): A Continuous Lean is all about good looking things, cool things, stylish things. Things we all love. It’s a refreshing and sometimes surprising blend.
  8. Men’s Flair (@MensFlair): Balancing between traditional and modern, all about good taste. Run by style enthusiasts who all have their own men’s style blogs, Men’s Flair never disappoints to deliver fresh ideas.
  9. Fashion Beans (@fashionbeans): 50 parts of Men’s Fashion Basics speak for themselves. This blog is all about excellent tips and ideas. Ideas from the street, ideas from style icons and designers, all served in a perfectly designed theme. Highly recommended.
  10. The Urban Gentleman (@TheUrbanGent): What does a modern gentleman look like? This blog looks for the answer and we love to follow.
  11. Permanent Style (@PermanentStyle): Best explained by Mr. Yves Saint Laurent: “Fashions fade, style is eternal”. In quest for the permanent style, this blog delivers excellent content and inspiration.
  12. Esquire Style (@ESQStyle): Another men’s style giant which doesn’t need an introduction. And again, the style section is where we focus our attention. Give it a try too, well worth it.
  13. FHM Style (@FHM_UK): Edit: The only reason FHM didn’t make it to the original Top 20 was that I already had two big names in it and wanted to give a chance to the smaller blogs. But guess what, I am putting them here, right with Esquire, because these guys do an awesome job and they deserve it. Make sure you check them out!
  14. Brandish (@Brandish): A great men’s style blog, especially love the Top 5 section. Ever wondered what the Top 5 Ugly Christmas Sweaters are? Well, look no further.
  15. Guy Style Guide (@guystyleguide): Just as the name suggests, this is your everyday guide on looking good. Use it: simple yet effective.
  16. District Cut (@DistrictCut): You’re gonna love their style, fashion and trend reports! Our endless source of inspiration. Make it yours too.
  17. Blokely Style (@Blokely): Blokely is cool just by itself, their style section makes it even more awesome. Very graphic and creative, it’s our pleasure to follow what these guys serve.
  18. Trashness (@trashnesstweets): Everybody can follow this neat blog. No essays, just cool style ideas conveyed through nice images.
  19. Suit Society (@Suitorialist): Not just about the suits, this men’s fashion blog is also about etiquette and some great How to ideas.
  20. D’Marge (@iamdmarge): A fresh collection of style ideas and inspiration that is easy and enjoyable to digest, a great read.

Our Top 20 best men’s fashion blogs is followed by a list of honorable mentions who create nice content we love and read frequently and they definitely belong here. Ranging from blogs covering men lifestyle in general to niche blogs dedicated to certain aspects of men’s lifestyle, here’s their list in alphabetical order with Twitter accounts where available:

men's fashion blogs illustration

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In that case we have some more excellent examples of the best men’s fashion blogs for you in the language of your choice:




What are your favourite men’s fashion blogs and what do you love the most about them? Share them with other readers in the comments below. We’d be happy to extend the list!

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    Today we’ve published our list of 80+ Best Men’s Fashion Blogs ( Fresh and up to date with Top 20 blogs, Twitter accounts and a ready made Twitter list of Top 20 blogs’ twitter feeds. Check it out …

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