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Blogs You Should Know: Effortless Gent
December 7th, 2012ProfileSolosso 3 Comments

The following article is the third part of our new series Blogs You Should Know. From the extensive list we presented to you a while ago, we carefully select the men’s fashion and style blogs which are really worth following and introduce you to the gentlemen behind them. This week, please welcome Mr. Barron Cuadro from the blog Effortless Gent.

Barron Cuadro

Barron Cuadro


Name: Barron Cuadro

Location: San Francisco, CA

Hi Barron! Please tell our readers more about yourself. What do you do and how did you become a men’s style blogger?

Hey guys! I’m Founding Editor of Effortless Gent which recently celebrated its third anniversary.

Starting the site was somewhat of a natural progression. In high school and college, my friends always asked me style-related questions, and I thought that if my guy friends have these questions, other guys out there must have similar ones. I started Effortless Gent in the hopes that it could help not just those I knew, but anyone who happened to come across the site.

Tell us more about your blog. What defines it, what do you like to cover?

Effortless Gent focuses more on the timeless, classic aspects of a guy’s personal style, mixed in with a bit of modern advice and contemporary influence. We emphasize the importance of great fit, establishing a personal uniform, and something I like to call the Lean Wardrobe. Lean Wardrobe is basically the idea of getting rid of excess and owning only what you need, use, and love. Elegant sufficiency.

It takes the same amount of time to throw on rags as it does to put on a nice shirt, well-fitting pants, and a nice jacket. It’s just a matter of making it a priority.

What are the most common mistakes men do while developing their personal style?

Thinking too much, trying too hard, and assuming there are absolute right or wrong answers to everything they’re so puzzled about.

There are no absolute answers, at least in my opinion. Everything is relative, and what works for one guy may not necessarily work for another.

I always stress that building one’s personal style is a process. And it’s never-ending, because one’s tastes always evolve, so you’re always adapting to your own changes in preference.

Guys need to learn to go with the flow, try things out, keep what works, and discard the rest.

What is the worst atrocity men commit in terms of dressing up with style?

Giving up prematurely, or not trying at all. I think it’s sad when men dismiss dressing well and think it doesn’t matter. It takes the same amount of time to throw on rags as it does to put on a nice shirt, well-fitting pants, and a nice jacket. It’s just a matter of making it a priority.

What 3 clothing items or accessories do you believe can elevate any man’s style?

A fantastic (but classic) coat. Something as simple as a well-fitting navy pea coat makes the biggest difference. Outstanding leather lace-ups (tan is my favorite leather color). And accessories in general: a pop of color in a pocket square, a nice pair of silk knots, a unique slim card case.

Has running a style blog changed the way you dress? What are the key lessons you’ve learned?

Not really. I would dress the same even if I didn’t run Effortless Gent. I’m simply bringing the things I do to this online platform. One thing I have learned is how different people can be, and how varied men’s tastes are. I do my best to state my case in articles, as well as offer alternative solutions to specific questions. Like I said earlier, there really is no one absolute answer to every style question.

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing or accessory?

I recently found this tan leather harrington-style jacket. It’s a piece I’ve been looking for a very long time but have never found, till now of course. I also have this titanium Seiko Perpetual Calendar watch given to me 15 years ago. It’s still going strong and I wear it practically every day.

tan leather jacket

Where do you like to shop for clothes?

Typically J.Crew, Lands End Canvas, Onassis, Ralph Lauren, Barneys Co-op. I also like big department stores like Bloomingdales, and small local shops like Unionmade here in San Francisco.

Do you have any personal style icon?

Not really. I do think new Bond, Daniel Craig, looks killer in whatever he wears on the big screen, so maybe him.

james bond

If you had a chance to design your own fashion line for men, what would it be like?

I actually own a menswear label, Fifth&Brannan, so it would look a lot like it does right now 🙂

My partner / fiance Kate and I are drawn to this idea of “rugged tailored”, but our style is also very metropolitan and chic. Most of our clothing reflects something a man would wear on a night out with his lady in the city.

What is your key observation about the new trends for the Fall/Winter 2012 season?

No idea, not much of a trend guy.

What blogs besides yours do you think our readers should definitely follow?

For truly classic style laws, my friend Antonio has a great site ( and hundreds of videos on YouTube. For the younger guys, my buddy Andy has a site called Primer Magazine, and for a lady’s perspective on men’s style, I recommend reading my friend Megan’s site, Style Girlfriend. If you’re a deal hunter, I like my buddy Joe’s site, Dappered.


Thank you, Barron, for your answers! Have any questions for Barron? Go ahead and ask him in the comments below!



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    Great interview! Effortless Gent was one of my inspirations for starting INeffable Fashion

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