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Button-Down Collar

The button-down collar is a variation of the point collar.  Each collar point is fastened to the shirt body by a button that is inserted into a small buttonhole at the tip of thecollar point.  The button-down shirt collar is an American contribution to men’s fashion, popularized by Ivy League college students and sports figures in the 1920s and 1930s.  The button-down collar is associated with Brooks Brothers, the historic American clothier.   According to Brooks Brothers, the button-down collar was inspired by the polo players who fastened down their collar points to keep them from flapping up while riding.

Ivy league student look


Brooks Brothers

Button-down collars are used most often for casual shirts, though they do occasionally appear on dress shirts.  It is acceptable to wear a button-down collar without a tie.  A shirt with a button-down collar is the perfect choice for a classy casual look, working equally well with chinos or a single-breasted suit.  The most important thing to remember about this collar is that only fashion rebels leave the buttons on the collar points undone.

Ralph Lauren button down classic

Ralph Lauren denim classic

Button down collars are usually softer than other collar alternatives. That’s why they work perfectly when they are unfused and gently lined, creating the desirable collar roll. To achieve it, make sure your collar tips are long enough (9-10 cm).

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