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Double Cuff Dress Shirts


















Double cuffs, also known as French cuffs, are folded and fastened with cuff links or silk knots.  Double cuff dress shirts are a requirement for semi-formal and formal menswear.  They are also appropriate with business attire for many professions.  Double cuff dress shirts are typically worn with a suit jacket, though men who want to express their sartorial individuality may choose to wear a double cuff dress shirt without a jacket.  White cuffs and a white collar on a coloured dress shirt is a distinctive look that draws attention to double cuffs.

When wearing a double cuff dress shirt, a man has the opportunity to accessorize and express his personal style with cuff links. With a business suit, metal cufflinks with a simple geometric shape or silk knots (also called “monkey fists”) are most appropriate.  For formal evening wear, more ornate cufflinks embellished with gemstones can be worn.  Novelty cufflinks, such as those with a sports-themed design, are best reserved for casual dress shirts.


Button Down Dress Shirts











Button down dress shirts were first popularized by upper-class American university men in the early 20th century.  Today, button down dress shirts are a staple in the wardrobe of many well-dressed men.  The button down shirt gets its name from its distinctive collar, where small buttons fasten each collar point to the shirt body.  The button down collar was introduced by the historic clothier Brooks Brothers and was based on the design of shirts worn by European polo players.
This style of dress shirt is often associated with casual wear, but it can also be dressed up with a tie and smart business suit.
For business attire, button down shirts are made from smooth cotton fabrics like broadcloth and twill.  Casual button down dress shirts are most often made from a type of cotton with a somewhat rough texture known as oxford.  Traditionally, the buttons on the collar of a button down shirt are always fastened.


Striped Dress Shirt














A striped dress shirt is one of the best ways to add interest to business or casual attire.  A striped dress shirt
with or without a suit jacket is an acceptable choice for most professions that require business attire.  The stripes may be the same size or variegated, but a rule of thumb to remember about striped dress shirts is the busier the pattern, the more casual the shirt.  The colour and scale of a striped dress shirt should be chosen to complement the facial features and complexion of the wearer.   Another important consideration with a striped dress shirt is taking care when choosing a patterned tie.  If the tie pattern is striped, shirt and tie should have different-sized stripes.


Checked Dress Shirts












Checked dress shirts will breathe life into simple gray or blue suits.  The most common types of checked fabric used for dress shirts are blue or black checks on a white background.  Like stripes, a smaller checked pattern should be chosen for dress shirts that will be worn in a more formal setting.  The smallest checked patterns will appear to be a solid colour when viewed from a distance.  When choosing a checked dress shirt, look for a high-quality fabric that has the check pattern woven into the fabric.  A checked fabric that is made from 100% cotton is often referred to as gingham.


Plain Dress Shirts












Plain dress shirts in white or colours are the most popular type of dress shirts.  For formal attire, white is still the appropriate choice for a dress shirt.  In less formal settings, a blue dress shirt is a perfectly acceptable substitute for white.  To really get noticed, any shade of dress shirt that complements the skin tone and hair colour of the wearer is the best choice.  The season of the year should be taken into account when choosing a dress shirt colour, limiting light shades of pink and lavender to spring and bright shades of red, gold and blue to summer.  Earth tones are perfect for dress shirts worn in fall and winter.


Gingham Dress Shirts













Gingham, a fabric with a woven checked pattern, is a popular fabric for dress shirts.  Classic gingham is most often made from 100% cotton.  Because the checks in a gingham fabric are traditionally somewhat large, the fabric is associated with more causal summer clothing.  A gingham dress shirt may not be the best choice for a formal business setting, but it’s the perfect for less formal business attire and casual weekend wear.  The most common colour combinations for gingham dress shirts are black and white or blue and white, though red and white is also sometimes seen in dress shirts


Quality Dress Shirts













The highest quality dress shirts are custom made, ensuring a perfect fit.  In addition to custom tailoring, there are several details that contribute to the quality of a dress shirt.  These include the use of a high-quality fabric, such as Egyptian two-ply cotton, and perfect matching of a striped or checked pattern at the shirt seams.  The shirt buttons should be made from mother of pearl and should be securely fastened.  Removable collar stays are another sign of a quality dress shirt.  Finally, the stitches used to construct the shirt should be single-needle stitched (as opposed to chain stitched) and should have about 18 to 22 stitches per inch.


Cheap Dress Shirts

When it comes to cheap dress shirts, the old adage “you get what you pay for” could never be truer.  Cheap dress shirts are mass produced.  In an attempt to fit everyone, they usually end up fitting no one very well.  Since every man’s neck size, arm length and body breadth is slightly different, the odds are good that some part of a cheap dress shirt will not fit correctly.  The fabric used to make a cheap dress shirt is often synthetic, resulting in a shirt that is less comfortable than a shirt made from a natural fibre.  Other aspects of a cheap dress shirt that expose its lower quality include poorly sewn on plastic buttons, the use of chain stitching and unmatched stripes and checks along the seam lines of the shirt.


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