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Dress Shirt Cuff : Double Cuff
September 6th, 2011Custom dress shirts, Style, TrendsSolosso 0 Comments


A double cuff, also known as a French cuff, is a longer cuff that is folded back (or “doubled”).  It has buttonholes on each side that are fastened with cufflinks.  Double cuffs present a distinguished appearance.  They are de rigueur with formal wear and are also worn with many business suits.  Traditionally, the double cuff should extend between a quarter inch and full inch beyond the jacket sleeve.

 Double cuffs should never be worn loose or rolled up; they must be fastened closed with cufflinks.  The only acceptable replacement for cuff links is the silk knot, also known as a money fist.  A cuff link or knot can be inserted in one of two ways: “kissing,” with the inside edges of the cuff touching, or “barrel-style,” with one side of the cuff overlapping the other.  Since men are limited in their jewelry choices, cufflinks provide the chance for personal expression and the display of diamonds and other gemstones.


A shirt with a double cuff sends a subtle message about its wearer, saying that he cares enough about his appearance to appreciate the touch of distinction that cufflinks impart.  Every man with a sense of style should have at least one dress shirt with double cuffs hanging in his closet.

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