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Dress Shirt Cuff : One Button Cuff
September 8th, 2011Custom dress shirts, StyleSolosso 0 Comments


The one button cuff is a single-layer cuff (as opposed to a double cuff) that wraps around the wrist and fastens with a single button, with one side of the cuff overlapping the other.  Because of its simplicity and comfort, this is the most common type of cuff and is found on most ready-to-wear dress shirts.  The length of the cuff is known as the “barrel.”  One button cuffs tend to have shorter barrels.  Besides the barrel length, the appearance of the edges of the cuff closest to the wrist may vary.  Edges may be square, rounded or angled.


Some one button cuffs actually have two side-by-side horizontal buttons to allow the cuff to be adjusted for a comfortable fit. A one button cuff on a more expensive shirt may have an additional button on the sleeve gauntlet, which is the opening in the sleeve just above the cuff.  This button contributes to a neater appearance by keeping the gauntlet opening closed.  When worn with a suit jacket, a one button cuff should extend up to a full inch beyond the jacket sleeve.  For a more casual look, it’s acceptable to roll up the sleeves of a shirt with a one button cuff.

David Beckham in his casual day

Photo Credit : sosuave

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