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Dress Shirt Cuff : Two Button Cuff
September 11th, 2011Custom dress shirts, StyleSolosso 0 Comments

The two button cuff is a stylish single-layer alternative to the double cuff.  This cuff wraps around the wrist, closing with two vertical buttons where the ends overlap.  A two button cuff typically has a longer barrel than a one button cuff (the term barrel refers to the length of the cuff).  The longer barrel provides a snugger fit and a more distinctive look.  When worn with a business suit or casual look, the two button cuff is a practical substitute for double cuffs with cufflinks.  For formal wear, however, a double cuff is still preferred.


The main variations in two buttons cuffs are in the length of the barrel and in the finish of the cuff edge, which may be square, angled or rounded.  On more expensive shirts, a two button cuff may have a gauntlet button, which is an additional button on the opening of the sleeve above the cuff.  This button keeps the gauntlet opening closed, resulting in a neater sleeve appearance.  With a suit jacket, it is customary to let the two button cuff extend one quarter inch to one inch beyond the jacket sleeve.  Because two button cuffs have longer barrels than one button cuffs, they are easier to roll up when a more casual look is desired.

Photo credit : Guerreisms

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