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Dress Shirt Monogram and Dress Shirt Bottoms
October 14th, 2011Custom dress shirts, StyleSolosso 0 Comments

Dress shirt monogram


A dress shirt monogram is an optional detail that adds a touch of style.  The origin of the monogram was as a way to identify one’s shirt when it was sent to the laundry.  Today it is a decorative element that communicates a man’s individuality and sends a subtle message about his taste in fine clothing.  The monogram is located on the shirt pocket if present.  It may also be positioned on the chest, waist or bottom of the shirt front.  A monogram should be small and tasteful and usually includes 3 initials.  It may be embroidered in any colour, or may use a darker shade of the shirt colour.


Dress Shirt Bottoms

Traditionally, a dress shirt is worn tucked in and the dress shirt bottom is hidden.  The shape of the shirt bottom is then purely a matter of personal preference.  Today there is a trend among some men (celebrities included) to leave the shirt untucked.  In this case, the bottom of the shirt is a more visible element of the overall shirt design.  There are a few options that are commonly used to finish the bottom of a dress shirt. Straight dress shirt bottoms are cut straight and finished all the way around the shirt.  A tail bottom is longer at the front and back, with the sides curving upwards.  An enhanced tail bottom features a longer tail in back to help keep the shirt tucked in.

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