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Fasten Your Dress Shirt

Cufflinks lend a mark of distinction to a formal dress shirt.  They are used to fasten a French cuff, also known as a double cuff, which is twice as long as a buttoned cuff and is worn doubled back.  Instead of a button and buttonhole, the cuff features a double pair of buttonholes that must be fastened with a metal cufflink or silk knot (also known as a monkey fist).

Silk Knot


A pair of cufflinks is the most important decorative accessory for a dress shirt and can send a subtle message about a man’s style, taste and personal fortune.  Cufflinks are available in a wide range of designs and materials, from simple silver to more ornate combinations of jewels and precious metals like platinum and gold.

Ferrari Cufflinks


Bulgari Cufflinks


Hermes Grelots Cufflinks


There are two acceptable ways to wear a cufflink or silk knot: “kissing,” where the inner portion of the cuff comes together on each side, or “barrel-style,” where the inner portion of one side of the cuff rests on the outer portion of the other.  Of the two styles, kissing is preferred by most men.

Some men are satisfied with buttons on the cuff of a dress shirt, while others recognize the potential of the cufflink as the perfect chance for personal expression.  For these men, a single pair of cufflinks is never enough and they often find themselves amassing a collection of interesting cufflinks for any occasion.

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