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How to host a great party
March 11th, 2014InspirationSolosso 0 Comments

Perhaps it’s time to finally show off your place, it’s a friend’s birthday, or you simply want an excuse to have your friends in one spot. It’s time to host a great party. But this isn’t your average ‘call up your regular best buds and polishing off a keg and a few pizzas’ event – though that’s fun in its own rite. Hosting a real party with great food, cool drinks, and fantastic music is like a rite of passage; it takes a bit of skill to pull one off but it also leaves a lasting impression.

great party 1

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A party to remember often takes a bit of planning, prep-work, and cost. Be a gracious, attentive host and there’s no telling the memories you make, or just who you’ll impress. Follow a few guidelines to treat your guests and have a good time yourself while you’re at it.

First things first: make sure you give your guests plenty of notice so they can make arrangements to attend. If you have neighbors, do them the courtesy of letting them know you’ll be having a party beforehand, and invite them if suitably inspired. Even if they decline, it’s always best to err on the side of politeness.

The Grub

Standard party rule: Finger foods keep people moving about the room, which encourages mingling and conversation.

However, some rules are made to be broken, or at least bent a little.

Pulled barbecue pork sandwiches, though messy, are a hit during Super Bowl parties and cool-weather get-togethers, and most of the prep time is spent simmering in a crock pot, freeing you up to pick the place up and prepare. The standard chips and dip is always a crowd pleaser, but if you want to wow them, kick it up a notch with homemade guacamole. Adding a personal touch shows effort and creativity. Besides, who doesn’t love guacamole?

The Drinks

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Go above and beyond the standard drink selection by adding a make-your-own cocktail station. Place a simple recipe on a stand or tape it on the wall to save space, make sure all of the necessary ingredients and garnishes are in place, and step back to watch your guests enjoy getting creative. The added bonus is that you’re not stuck making drinks all night, and your party has an added dash of panache and style.

The Fun

Know your crowd. Are they a dancing bunch? If so, then ask a few of your guests to bring their favorite tunes. Different types of music keep the party lively and interesting throughout the evening. If your pals prefer the great outdoors, invest in some patio or outdoor furniture. Even if it’s inexpensive, guests will appreciate the chance to decompress and get some air. Is your crowd the competitive type? Consider a game of trivia to get them laughing.

Lastly, be alert and attentive to your guests’ comfort. If you’ve ever been to a party where the room was sweltering, you know how uncomfortable it can become. Don’t forget to be a guest at your own party. If you’re having fun, chances are your guests are too!


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Beth writes on behalf Orlando AC company American Air and Heat. She is an Atlanta based writer who loves good parties, and enjoys writing about topics like home décor, event planning, and style.

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