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How to Dress Like a Movie Star

Would you like to stand out from crowd and develop a distinctive sense of personal style?  We suggest that you draw inspiration from two all-time style stars of the silver screen.

Cary Grant

From humble beginnings as Archibald Leach in working-class England, Cary Grant changed his name and reinvented himself when he came to America to pursue a career in film.  His new identity included a personal style characterized by a subdued color palette and an emphasis on proportion and fit.  Grant was nearly always filmed in a bespoke suit, dress shirt and tie.  He typically wore his jacket sleeves high, revealing nearly an inch of dress shirt cuff.

Actress Eva Marie Saint, who costarred with Grand in Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, is said to have described Grant this way: “Other men wear suits. But with other men, there’s the man and then there’s the suit on him.  That didn’t happen to Cary Grant.  Style was like a skin.”

What can a modern man learn from this film icon of the last century?  That a simple but well-tailored suit, white shirt, dark tie and a great pair of shoes can make the man.

George Clooney

A late-comer to roster of well-dressed film stars,  George Clooney gave up his casual image in the   1990s and brought back the suit as a symbol of  old-style Hollywood glamour.   Clooney has  almost singlehandedly shown that being  masculine does not rule out paying attention to  personal style.  When Clooney dresses in formal  wear, he often tops the best-dressed list for red  carpet events.  He has also popularized the look  of a suit worn with a white dress shirt that’s  open at the neck without a tie.

To emulate George Clooney, look for European-  style suits that feature a three-button closure,  notch lapel and a rear center vent.  His pants  are sleek without pleats or cuffs and his dress  shirts are crisp and fitted.  Each item of clothing highlights his physical strengths and natural grace.

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