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100 Pocket Square Ideas
November 30th, 2012AccessoriesSolosso 0 Comments

There’s no doubt that pocket squares have become an essential accessory of the modern gentleman. Wearing a pocket square is simply one of the easiest ways to elevate your style. This blog post gives you the essentials of how to wear them correctly. Most importantly, it gives you 100 great ideas for your new pocket square outfits!

Pocket Square Essentials

Let’s start with a video. Mr Jean-Claude Colban, director of Charvet, makes some great points about how to wear your pocket square:

The key lessons here are:

  1. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you don’t wear a tie, but you do wear your jacket. Instead of being underdressed and look plain, what better situation there is to give personality to your outfit by wearing a pocket square?
  2. Start simple, choose solid colors.
  3. Choose a color within the family of what you’re wearing. Before you feel comfortable picking contrasting colors, choose colors that are close to what you’re wearing, but never the same.
  4. Don’t look stiff. Don’t try too hard to be exact with your outfit. The point is to look charming with a pocket square that shows personality. Once it’s in your pocket, it’s time to forget it and enjoy yourself!
How to Fold a Pocket Square

Now it’s time to look at some essential folds. The graphic below explains a variety of them.

pocket square folds

Probably the only useful fold we are missing above is the TV fold. This is a very simple and classy fold that will give you the Don Draper look. Here is how you do it.

flat fold

The Inspiration

Now that you know the basic rules on how to rock your pocket square, learned a number of neat ways of folding it into your chest pocket, all you need is some inspiration for your future pocket square outfits. We are huge fans of pocket squares. It’s been over a year since we started our Pocket Square Me channel on Twitter dedicated solely to pocket squares, bringing you a fresh pocket square idea every day. Without further talk, here is a list of our top 100 favorite pocket square ideas that were the most popular with our followers (in no particular order).

quote sign
It should not look stiff. I think you should just forget about being correct, and being exact, it’s just a charming accessory. It adds beauty, color, movements. It should not follow a rule.

ps 1

ps 2

ps 3

Pocket square 4


ps 5

ps 6


ps 8

ps 9

ps 10

ps 11

ps 12

ps 13

ps 14


ps 16

ps 17

ps 18

Pocket square 19 Pocket square 20 Pocket square 21 Pocket square 22 Pocket square 23 Pocket square 24 Pocket square 25 Pocket square 26 Pocket square 27 Pocket square 28 Pocket square 29 Pocket square 30

ps 31

ps 32

ps 33

ps 34

ps 35

ps 36

ps 37

ps 38

ps 39

ps 40

ps 41

ps 42

ps 43

ps 44

ps 45

ps 46

ps 47

ps 48

ps 49

ps 50

ps 51

ps 52

ps 53

ps 54

ps 55

Pocket square 56

ps 57

ps 58

ps 59

ps 60

ps 61

ps 62

ps 64

ps 64

ps 65

ps 66

ps 67

ps 68

ps 69

ps 70

ps 71

ps 72

ps 73

ps 74

ps 75

ps 76

ps 77

ps 78

ps 79

ps 80

ps 81

ps 82

ps 83

ps 84

ps 85

ps 86

ps 87

ps 88

ps 89

ps 90


ps 92

pocket square 93

ps 94

ps 95

ps 96

ps 97

ps 98

ps 99

ps 100

The Resources

All of the pictures above are linked to their respective sources for you to visit. However, here is a list of the most notable ones you should follow for your daily source of inspiration:

Finally, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for daily pocket square ideas!   Cover image courtesy

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