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Pre-Date Grooming Guide for Guys
March 11th, 2015Inspiration, StyleSolosso 0 Comments

That special day is creeping closer on your calendar. It could be your monthiversary, anniversary or that date you’ve scored with a girl you just met. In the time leading up to your date, what should be your top priority? Aside from remembering the day (of course), it’s your appearance.


After all, what’s worse than not looking your best? Something small like having chapped lips or some acne can make or break a date and knock your confidence.

Luckily, we’ve assembled a few simple bits of personal grooming advice to ensure you’ll be looking perfect when you steal her heart.

Take a Shower!

This shouldn’t need to be said, but just in case — you want to make sure you shower at least a few hours before your date. Even if you don’t sweat much, you still move around a lot during the day, so budget some time for a shower.

Choose the Right Clothes

The way you dress should be determined by the type of date you’re embarking on. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to wear your best blazer on a hike.

For more casual dates, like movies or coffee, choose your nicest jeans or casual dress pants and a button-down shirt. Save dad’s old flannel and your ripped jeans for the closet — you should only wear clothes like that for outdoor dates where you might get messy.


More fancy dates will require you to step up your attire. Dress pants in a muted color like black or charcoal grey should be a requirement, as well as a custom dress shirt — and make sure to iron both of them!

Dressing up also requires some dress shoes in black or brown. For more casual dates, sneakers or slip-on shoes should do just fine.

Most importantly, only wear what you’re comfortable in. Stick to outfits you’re familiar with and won’t cause you to fidget!

Get Those Lips Looking Kissable

Dry, chapped lips are the worst. Your lips lack oil-producing sebaceous glands, which causes them to get dehydrated. So why would you want them to look that way on a date?

When you brush your teeth, lightly brush your lips to peel off the dry skin. You can also try a mixture of salt and olive oil. Then, apply some flavor-free lip balm or protective chapstick. These will keep your lips soft and plump. And that’s good, because studies have shown women also find voluptuous lips attractive.

Oil Off, Cover On

Ever get stressed for a date? This can trigger oil production in your skin, and it’s even worse when you touch your face with your fingers. Men’s skin is twice as oily as women’s, and you don’t want her to notice an oily patch on your face.

To combat these oils, use a mild exfoliating face wash followed by a toner or moisturizer. Make sure that you use a fresh towel to dry your face each time. The bacteria that builds up on towels after multiple uses leads to big-time breakouts. Use moisturizers with ingredients like taurine or Vitamin C. These revitalizing ingredients will brighten and wake up the skin, getting rid of oily spots.

Remember picture day in high school, where you’d freak out if there was a huge zit on your face? Well, as luck would have it, a lot of us tend to get zits before our dates, too. For these, you can use a concealer; this treats the spot and also disguises it instantly.

Avoid using too much though — in fact, you should make sure your skin is thoroughly clean, and then apply a small amount and blend it in with your finger.

Freshen Up Your Face

You can always play it safe and go clean-shaven. If you think you pull off the scruffy look, however, go for it — but make sure you trim it first. Because even though women have warmed up to beards, they can still be concerned about how well-kept your beard is.


Keep your beard clean by using shampoo or face wash. If your beard is long enough, apply some beard oil right when you get out of the shower to keep it soft.

By using this carefully crafted advice, you should be armed and ready for your time out with that lovely girl. So shine those shoes, grab some flowers, and get ready to break out your charm!




Savannah Hemmings is a personal shopper and lifestyle blogger based in Philadelphia. For more advice on current fashion and home trends, check out her blog SincerelySavannah for her latest tips and tricks.

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