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The English Spread Collar

Duke of Kent

The English spread collar has been closely associated with men’s bespoke dressing ever since the Duke of Kent popularized it in the 1920s.  This classic style of collar is widely recognized as the most elegant choice for dress shirts worn with well-tailored suits.  The shape of the spread collar leaves a wide enough space between the collar tips to accommodate a variety of tie widths and the heft of a Windsor knot.

One of the most important functions of the collar on a men’s dress shirt is to draw attention to the face.  The collar acts as a frame and its shape should be chosen to complement the shape of the face.  The spread collar complements a variety of face shapes, but is particularly suited for thin faces.  The collar’s wide “V” opening creates a horizontal effect that balances the vertical lines of a thin face.

Prince of Wales

Besides the Duke of Kent, the English spread collar was a favourite of the Prince of Wales and silent screen start Douglas Fairbanks.  Contemporary fans of the spread collar include Charles, the current Prince of Wales, President Obama and a long list of actors and celebrities.  The flattering shape and classic style of the English spread collar have made it the most popular choice for a dress shirt collar.

An English spread collar can also be constructed as unfused and gently lined. It will become more comfortable and slightly less formal, hence a great choice for a variation of your casual shirts.

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