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What is Egyptian Cotton
November 30th, 2011Custom dress shirtsSolosso 0 Comments


Cotton is the most popular natural fiber due to it’s advantages over other fabrics which are include breathability, comfort and durability.  Egyptian cotton is grown in the rich soil of the Nile River Valley and is recognized as the finest cotton in the world.  What makes the Egyptian cotton superior to other cottons are the fibers of the cotton plant.  In Egypt’s hot and humid climate, cotton fibers grow to an exceptional length.  Egyptian cotton’s fiber length (referred to as “staple”) earns it an ELS rating (for Extra-Long Staple) and is often reffered to as ELS cotton for this reason.

Long staples give Egyptian cotton greater strength and uniformity.  ELS cotton transmits moisture away from the body, making it a supremely comfortable fabric for dress shirts and other articles of clothing.  Also this cotton’s high absorbency trait allows it to retain bright and vibrant colors when dyed.  Clothing items or bedsheets made from Egyptian cotton may initially feel very crisp, but the fabric ages beautifully and will grow softer with repeated washings.

An additional benefit of Egyptian cotton is that it is an environmentally-friendly textile.  It is picked by hand, a process which is very gentle on the plant fibers.  The organic growth process and low use of pesticides makes this soft luxurious fabric the primary choice for people with sensitive skin.  Organic cotton is also hypoallergenic as it rarely causes an allergic reaction.

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A significant amount of crop management is needed to produce ELS cotton. It is extremely labour intensive and requires a particular soil and a very specific climate which is only found in certain places in the world. For this reason ELS cotton is grown only in limited quantities and is quite expensive.  As a result ELS cotton is used exclusively for luxury fashion garments and high end bedding.  When shopping for high-quality cotton garments with an ELS rating, consumers are advised to look for authenticEgyptian cotton.

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