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Why Dressing with Classic Color and Style Always Looks Good

Following a prescribed set of rules about men’s clothing is no guarantee that your wardrobe will convey a sense of style.  Men’s fashion trends come and go and the rules about what to wear with what change over time.  Any man who wants to be considered truly stylish should avoid becoming a slave to rules and instead work on developing a personal aesthetic that allows him to always be well-dressed.

Creating a personal sense of style and building a wardrobe that reflects it requires some experimentation.  You’ll need to learn how to select clothing items that harmonize with each other and that complement your face and physique.  If you’re like most men and weren’t born with an impeccable sense of style, you can develop it over time by following some basic guidelines about classic color and style.

Classic color combinations can be complementary, such as pairing a dark blue suit with a light blue shirt.  Blue is the common element but it appears in different hues.  Another classic color combination involves contrast.  One item of clothing provides a dominant color, such as a black suit, while other items add one or more contrasting accent colors, such as a white shirt and red tie.

The classic color choice for shoes is a one that is that is similar to the trousers.  For example, black shoes are appropriate for black or gray trousers.  Another option is to wear a contrasting shoe color, such as brown shoes with blue or gray trousers.

Classic combination with a hint of style

When it comes to classic style, you can never go wrong by choosing a shirt that’s a lighter shade than your suit or sport jacket.  A blue, white or pastel shirt, or one with a subtle pattern, can be coordinated with most suits.  Your tie should be coordinated with the color of your jacket, providing either a complementary or a contrasting touch of color.

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