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  • Finest Materials
  • Fit Guarantee
  • Free Shipping on orders over USD 200
  • From USD 109

Design your custom dress shirt now, it's easy and fast!

  1. Choose your fabric
  2. Style your shirt
  3. Measure yourself

Meet Our Customers

Joseph thumbnail
Joseph Pietrafesa
Style aficionado
Florida, USA
I spent 30 years in the apparel business with some of the finest names in menswear. Solosso delivers beautiful custom shirts with excellent tailoring and customer service. Bravo Solosso!
Antoine thumbnail
Antoine Verdon
Longtime Customer
Zurich, Switzerland
I have been a happy customer of Solosso since their very start. To me, Solosso produces the best MTM shirts on the market with high quality fabrics, great cuts, nice details and a personalized service. Paired with a Brioni linen jacket, navy trousers and a cotton bowtie from Le Loir en Papillon, this white twill button-down shirt was the perfect basis for my wedding outfit.
Ian thumbnail
Ian Anderson
Style Blogger
From Squalor to Baller
San Francisco, CA
Overall, the quality of the fabric and construction are on par with the nicest MTM shirts I own. The fabric is light, soft, and easy to wear. The stitching is clean and strong. The mother-of-pearl buttons, although thin, have held up well thus far (MOP buttons come standard, for the record). They are also attached with a knot under the shank and feel quite solidly attached.
Jason thumbnail
Jason Chang
Style Blogger
Broke and Bespoke
Lafayette, CA
The quality of the shirt I received is on par with the best of the other MTM shirting companies I’ve tried. The stitching is straight, strong, and true. The cotton fabric soft and of high quality. The genuine mother-of-pearl buttons are a nice touch, and the metal collar stays that come with each shirt are a plus. The packaging was by far the finest of any MTM shirt I’ve ever received.
Grant thumbnail
Style Expert
Image Granted
Washington, DC
For a new company offering the fabrics and options they have and with the stellar customer service, turnaround time, price point and overall quality; I highly recommend Solosso for the gentlemen just introducing themselves to the MTM world of shirts.
Iain thumbnail
FX Trader
London, UK
As a young professional in the City, the two most important features of a quality shirt for me are an excellent fit and durability. Not only did I receive a perfect fitting shirt from Solosso, but it also withstood an accidental 90 degree wash with no side effects whatsoever. My next order is already in!
Luigi thumbnail
Business Professional
Toronto, Canada
I’m a loyal Solosso follower. From the fabrics, to the production process, to the final cut, I’ve always been extremely satisfied with the online experience and the final product. I’ve ordered 10+ shirts through Solosso, and it’s absolutely true what people say: once you go bespoke, you never go back. Congrats to the Solosso team for launching such a great company.
Zdenek thumbnail
Prague, Czech republic
Solosso offers top-class shirts while respecting the principles of sustainability and ecology. Limitless design options, finest fabrics and craftsmanship, perfect fit - each shirt is simply a unique piece of art. If you are looking for a sound quality at a reasonable price, Solosso is without doubts the ultimate choice.