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Explore our New Fabric Selection

Shirts made from our brand new fabrics

We have been hard at work over the last few months to completely renew our fabric selection. We looked at many different fabric sources and dozens of textile booklets to improve our already high fabric quality. From originally over 1500 potential fabrics we worked our way through each and every one of them in countless sessions and picked only the 300 best ones. 

We are very proud to present our results and guarantee you that our new fabrics offer an incredible look and even better feel

Fabrics Booklets Side by Side

Fabric & Shirt Features

Fabric Booklet Detail View
  • - We pride ourselves in only using fabrics of the highest quality and our clients praise the comfort and  softness of their Solosso shirts.
  • - You now have an even bigger selection of easy iron fabrics to choose from thanks to advanced technology in the fabric's finishing process.
  • - Naturally, we still offer all the same high-quality features as before: Every shirt comes with complimentary thick mother-of-pearl buttons and removable stainless steel collar stays.
  • - Our guiding principles remain: We take sustainability and corporate responsibility seriously and conduct our business in an ecological manner. Learn more about our approach.


Have a look at our new collection. You can find all our new fabrics by going into our shop where you also are able to see a high-resolution image of every shirt. 

Black Shirt next to Red and White Shirt

Two Fabric Booklets Side by Side

Shirt Monograms

Why wait any longer? Give Solosso a try today and see for yourself why our customers never stop at shirt number one!