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It’s All Leather
Top 10 blog posts of the week covering men’s style. August 2012, Issue 1.
4 Tips for Creating a Special-Occasion Wardrobe
May 16th, 2015InspirationSolosso 0 Comments

Warm weather often ushers in a slew of parties. Between Derby days, weddings and garden parties, you’re probably going to have to whip up something a little bit fancier than normal. Unfortunately, many of us simply don’t have much of a wardrobe when it comes to formal occasions. Fortunately, though, it’s easy to start curating […]

Pre-Date Grooming Guide for Guys
March 11th, 2015Inspiration, StyleSolosso 0 Comments

That special day is creeping closer on your calendar. It could be your monthiversary, anniversary or that date you’ve scored with a girl you just met. In the time leading up to your date, what should be your top priority? Aside from remembering the day (of course), it’s your appearance.   After all, what’s worse […]

What Women Want: 7 Ways to Dress to Impress
February 11th, 2015StyleSolosso 0 Comments

It’s been said that women do not dress for men; they dress for other women. But what about the guys? Surely they’re not dressing for each other. They dress to impress their partners or potential partners. And let’s be honest. Women can be pretty brutal when it comes to judging style. It’s not that you […]

How to look like a millionaire on a budget
February 4th, 2015StyleSolosso 0 Comments

We’ve all been there, you want to look good, you want to impress, you want to turn heads but there’s one problem…..You don’t have the bread, you’re low on dough, you just don’t have enough, wedge. Well put down the tiny violin and look no further. We’ve done a bit of research and to ‘fake […]

6 Ways to Update Your Closet for 2015
January 21st, 2015Style, TrendsSolosso 0 Comments

It’s time to shed those 2014 styles and get with the New Year. Many of us are in post-holiday recovery mode. That means our belts and budgets are a bit tighter these days, but don’t wait until spring to refresh your wardrobe. There are a few new-old favorites taking back the spotlight. 1. Breathing Room […]

How to host a great party
March 11th, 2014InspirationSolosso 0 Comments

Perhaps it’s time to finally show off your place, it’s a friend’s birthday, or you simply want an excuse to have your friends in one spot. It’s time to host a great party. But this isn’t your average ‘call up your regular best buds and polishing off a keg and a few pizzas’ event – […]

A Cocktail Hour Essential
January 16th, 2014StyleSolosso 0 Comments

There are some things men simply should know how to do. Aside from being able to change a flat tire, make a decent omelet, and throw a Frisbee so it doesn’t land on the water (or up a tree), every man should know how to make a decent cocktail. That undefined time of the day […]

Evolution of the Luxury Watch
January 3rd, 2014AccessoriesSolosso 0 Comments

Luxury watches have come a long way over the centuries until they reached the form that is familiar to us. Check out this neat infographic from the folks at The Watch Gallery.   FROM: THE WATCH GALLERY

After-office Fashion Tips for Men
December 12th, 2013StyleSolosso 0 Comments

Men’s fashion has finally come of age and sloppy dressers have run out of excuses not to be smartly attired. Men now have a wide selection of fashion options when going out for an evening drink or a moonlit stroll. So, it’s after work hours and you’re headed to your favorite watering hole for a […]

How to Approach the Business Casual Dress Code
November 27th, 2013StyleSolosso 0 Comments

Doesn’t it oftentimes feel as if women are born with a knack for fashion, whereas most men aren’t as lucky? Even on their “dressed down” days, many if not most girls still manage to look polished and pulled together. On your days off, you tend to pull on baggy jeans or gym shorts and an […]

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