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4 Tips for Creating a Special-Occasion Wardrobe
May 16th, 2015InspirationSolosso 0 Comments

Warm weather often ushers in a slew of parties. Between Derby days, weddings and garden parties, you’re probably going to have to whip up something a little bit fancier than normal.

Unfortunately, many of us simply don’t have much of a wardrobe when it comes to formal occasions. Fortunately, though, it’s easy to start curating your collection of suit jackets, button-downs, slacks and ties so that you’re ready as soon as you receive your next party invitation.

Read on to learn the four best ways to bulk up your closet so that you can hit the summer party scene – and beyond – in style.

1. Out With the Old

Before you invest in a brand new wardrobe, you need to sift through what you already have. This is especially true when it comes to formal wear. Are you still holding onto the suit you wore to prom, or do you have ties dangling in your closet that you haven’t worn even once? Take a good, hard look at your clothes and ditch anything that looks too worn, that hasn’t been worn at all or that isn’t in fashion any longer. Be sure to try on your remaining formal wear as well; stuff that doesn’t fit should get the boot, too.

2. Speaking of Fit …

It’s vital when it comes to your formal wear. Sure, you want to look nice no matter what you’re wearing or where you’re going; however, one could argue that it’s most important to look polished when you’re headed to a gala, party, wedding or other highbrow event.

You might not always be able to buy a new suit jacket or pair of slacks off the rack, and that’s fine. Make sure that there’s a little extra room in the waist or in the length of your selection so that it can be tailored to fit you perfectly. A well-tailored suit looks indescribably better than one that’s too baggy or too short, so pay close attention to how much an item flatters you before you put it in your shopping cart.

3. Keep an Eye on the Classics

Remember a few years ago when fedoras were the popular accessory for men? Do you know how they’re perceived now? It’s true that fashion is cyclical, and this little hat will probably make its way back onto our heads sometime in the future; however, you should never invest in a high-quality wardrobe item unless it’s something with a little more staying power.

Fortunately, many of the wardrobe pieces that one would consider wearing to a special event fall under this umbrella. Take, for example, a well-fitted blazer. If you have the same measurements as your grandfather – and he rocked a classic style – you could probably slip on one of his old jackets and wear it to your next party. You’d look just as polished as the guy next to you in a brand new blazer. To ensure the longevity of your investment in new clothes, make sure you purchase as many pieces as possible that qualify as classic.

4. … But Have a Little Fun, Too

Formal wear doesn’t always have to be black and white. Designers are having more and more fun with their choices in fabrics, textures and color schemes. This means that even a classic silhouette can have a modern feel. Fold in a few bolder choices to your wardrobe every so often to keep your look fresh and on-trend.

Some guys might consider trends over their heads. If this is you, don’t try too hard; we don’t want another fedora fiasco on our hands. Instead, you can easily incorporate trendy colors and patterns into your look by way of new ties, bowties, button-downs and cuff links. These accessories will surely coordinate with the classic suit-and-slack combos that you already have on hand. That way, you won’t have to look the same in every party photo for the next decade. Instead, you’ll look equal parts fresh and polished, trendy and traditional.

Now, you’re ready to party.




Savannah Hemmings is a personal shopper and lifestyle blogger based in Philadelphia. For more advice on current fashion and home trends, check out her blog SincerelySavannah for her latest tips and tricks.

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