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Briefcases with Professional Style
October 17th, 2012Fashion, Inspiration, StyleSolosso 0 Comments

Style and grooming are the hallmarks of a professional image.  Along with classic menswear items including suits, dress shirts, ties and dress shoes, a briefcase is an essential accessory for the well-dressed professional.  Although many twenty-somethings are tempted to continue using the backpack that served them well in college, a briefcase is the best choice for a professional who wants to make the best possible impression. Here is a concise overview of the types of briefcases for the stylish man.

There are several styles of briefcase available, each suited to a particular function.

Hard Briefcase – The classic briefcase (also known as an attaché case) is hard-sided and hinged so that it opens like a suitcase.  It has a hand-held handle and is usually equipped with a combination lock.  The advantage of this briefcase is that it protects the case’s contents (including laptops, mobile phones and other gadgets).  A hard briefcase may be made from leather or metals like aluminum, steel and carbon fiber.  Although some may think this briefcase is strictly old school, it’s undeniably masculine and will never be confused with a purse.


samsonite hard briefcase

Vintage tan color Samsonite hard briefcase


Soft Briefcase – Similar to the hard briefcase but unhinged and with soft sides, this briefcase is often referred to as a doctor bag.  Sturdy enough to stand on its own and with a top opening, the soft briefcase usually has a hand-held handle and lock.


soft briefcases

Soft briefcase made from vegetable tanned Italian leather


Messenger Bag – The messenger bag with shoulder strap is considered by many men to be the most modern and youthful style of briefcase.  Originally made from bulky canvas, messenger bags are now available in sleek leather designs.  When shopping for a messenger bag, look for one made of leather that has a sturdy appearance and is in proportion to your size.  The strap should be at least 3 fingers wide for a more masculine look.


tods-messenger-bag briefcases

Tod’s messenger bag


Prices for briefcases range from less than one hundred to more than one thousand dollars.  Lower end briefcases have a cheap appearance and will not wear well, so spending a bit more money is worth it when it comes to presenting a professional image.  At the medium price range you’ll find Italian leather cases from Pratesi or Jack Georges.  High end briefcases are made by Burberry, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Prada and other top design companies.


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