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6 Ways to Make Your Dress Shirt Last Longer
July 29th, 2013Custom dress shirtsSolosso 0 Comments

Those who work professional for a living know how often they have to wear a dress shirt.  Since you don’t want to keep purchasing shirts every few months because they start wearing off, I wanted to give you some pointers that you can use to make your dress shirt last longer.  By applying these tips, […]

100 new fabrics + a FREE Esquire/GQ subscription

Today we are delighted to bring you two amazing pieces news. Here we go! First, our tailors have been busy expanding our fabric selection with the finest cloths for your office and leisure time in Summer 2012. You’ve been asking us for a few new fabrics, but instead of giving you just a few, we’re […]

Cardigans and Dress Shirts

Anyone who thinks cardigans are only for senior citizens needs to think again.  This buttoned or zippered style of sweater is a versatile and thoroughly modern addition to any man’s wardrobe.  It’s a casual alternative to a sports jacket, providing a touch of sophistication when worn over either a dress shirt or t-shirt.  The cardigan […]

How to Take Care of your Dress Shirt
June 11th, 2012Custom dress shirts, FashionSolosso 0 Comments

Knowing the proper way to take care of your dress shirt will allow you to keep it looking new for years.  Some men feel they can’t be bothered with taking time for their shirts, but in reality dress shirt care isn’t difficult.           Here are some tips for taking care of […]

How to Dress Like a Movie Star

Would you like to stand out from crowd and develop a distinctive sense of personal style?  We suggest that you draw inspiration from two all-time style stars of the silver screen. Cary Grant From humble beginnings as Archibald Leach in working-class England, Cary Grant changed his name and reinvented himself when he came to America […]

Why Wearing Red Will Increase your Sex Appeal

Have you ever heard that wearing red can boost your sex appeal?  While it’s true that red is associated with passionate love – as in red roses and red hearts on Valentine’s Day – can an article of clothing actually make its wearer more desirable? Researchers have found that the appeal of red clothing is […]

How to Iron a Dress Shirt

There’s no reason to resort to synthetic dress shirts because cotton shirts require ironing.  Learning how to iron a dress shirt is easier than you may think.  Invest in an ironing board and a good steam iron, and then follow these simple tips.  Soon you’ll have a dress shirt that’s crisp from collar to cuffs. […]

What is Egyptian Cotton
November 30th, 2011Custom dress shirtsSolosso 0 Comments

  Cotton is the most popular natural fiber due to it’s advantages over other fabrics which are include breathability, comfort and durability.  Egyptian cotton is grown in the rich soil of the Nile River Valley and is recognized as the finest cotton in the world.  What makes the Egyptian cotton superior to other cottons are […]

The Right Dress Shirt for Any Occasion

A variety of dress shirts are essential in any well-dressed man’s wardrobe.  Here’s a quick guide that will help you determine what type of shirt to wear for any occasion. Casual.  A casual dress shirt is made from cotton or linen that often has a coarser texture than a more formal shirt.  The shirt fabric […]

Why Dressing with Classic Color and Style Always Looks Good

Following a prescribed set of rules about men’s clothing is no guarantee that your wardrobe will convey a sense of style.  Men’s fashion trends come and go and the rules about what to wear with what change over time.  Any man who wants to be considered truly stylish should avoid becoming a slave to rules […]

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