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4 Tips for Creating a Special-Occasion Wardrobe
May 16th, 2015InspirationSolosso 0 Comments

Warm weather often ushers in a slew of parties. Between Derby days, weddings and garden parties, you’re probably going to have to whip up something a little bit fancier than normal. Unfortunately, many of us simply don’t have much of a wardrobe when it comes to formal occasions. Fortunately, though, it’s easy to start curating […]

Pre-Date Grooming Guide for Guys
March 11th, 2015Inspiration, StyleSolosso 0 Comments

That special day is creeping closer on your calendar. It could be your monthiversary, anniversary or that date you’ve scored with a girl you just met. In the time leading up to your date, what should be your top priority? Aside from remembering the day (of course), it’s your appearance.   After all, what’s worse […]

How to host a great party
March 11th, 2014InspirationSolosso 0 Comments

Perhaps it’s time to finally show off your place, it’s a friend’s birthday, or you simply want an excuse to have your friends in one spot. It’s time to host a great party. But this isn’t your average ‘call up your regular best buds and polishing off a keg and a few pizzas’ event – […]

Solosso to plant a tree for every sold shirt in 2013
April 18th, 2013Inspiration, Solosso NewsSolosso 0 Comments

The following is a press release about our initiative to plant a tree for every shirt we sell in 2013, starting this year’s Earth Day on April 22. It is a big step for Solosso, as it will make our operations carbon negative: eliminating more carbon than we produce. Learn more about our sustainable approach. […]

Winter 2012 Fashion Trends for Men
November 14th, 2012Guest, Inspiration, TrendsSolosso 0 Comments

The following is a guest post by Lisa, a freelance fashion writer and adviser currently representing Bradshaw and Lloyd’s, whose commitment is to supply a comprehensive selection of quality shoes and boots at very sensible prices. Their collections rival the quality of any shoe in London’s Jermyn Street – but at a fraction of the price. Go […]

Blogs You Should Know: D’Marge
November 8th, 2012Inspiration, ProfileSolosso 0 Comments

The following article is the first one in our new series Blogs You Should Know. From the extensive list we presented to you a while ago, we carefully select the men’s fashion and style blogs which are really worth following and introduce you to the gentlemen behind them. This week, please welcome Mr. Luc Wiesman […]

Briefcases with Professional Style
October 17th, 2012Fashion, Inspiration, StyleSolosso 0 Comments

Style and grooming are the hallmarks of a professional image.  Along with classic menswear items including suits, dress shirts, ties and dress shoes, a briefcase is an essential accessory for the well-dressed professional.  Although many twenty-somethings are tempted to continue using the backpack that served them well in college, a briefcase is the best choice […]

October 4th, 2012Fashion, Inspiration, StyleSolosso 0 Comments

Men’s clothing styles don’t change as often as women’s do, so many men go for several seasons without changing their wardrobe.  If you’re walking around in clothes that you should have gotten rid of years ago, then it’s time to take a good look at your closet and decide what should stay and what should […]

Good Posture: Why It Matters
September 28th, 2012Inspiration, StyleSolosso 0 Comments

A stylish wardrobe will go a long way towards making you look good, but you must stand tall if you want to convey a sense of confidence. We’re not talking about your actual height – we’re talking about using good posture to appear as tall and slim as possible. Besides the psychological edge that good […]

It’s All Leather
September 22nd, 2012Fashion, Inspiration, StyleSolosso 0 Comments

Suits and dress shirts come in a variety of fabrics and colors, but when it comes to accessories leather is still the material of choice.  Spend as much money as you can afford on leather accessories and stick with classic styles – your investments will pay off for years to come. Shoes Shoes are arguably […]

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