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What Is The Dress Shirt Placket
October 5th, 2011Custom dress shirts, StyleSolosso 0 Comments

The front edge of a dress shirt where the button holes are located is called the placket. It is a reinforced area of the shirt that’s designed to withstand the stress that occurs around the buttonholes.  A traditional placket is a separate band of fabric that is attached to the front of the shirt with […]

Inspired : London Fashion Week 2011
September 30th, 2011Fashion, Inspiration, News, StyleSolosso 0 Comments

London Fashion Week was a great success. On the runway we saw many new labels with their Spring and Summer 2012 collections. Here is our selection of runway shots that inspires us and surely will inspire you too. Christopher Reaburn “Innovative, functional and fun.” Hardy Amies Spring and summer 2012 inspirations: “Venice and its churches.” Topman […]

Different Lookswith One White Dress Shirt
September 15th, 2011Fashion, Inspiration, Style, TrendsSolosso 2 Comments

Photo credit : essential-homme A white dress shirt can be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in a man’s wardrobe.  It’s the perfect complement to a suit or jacket.  It can also be paired with khakis or jeans for a more casual look.  These are the most obvious ways to wear a white […]

Dress Shirt Cuff : Two Button Cuff
September 11th, 2011Custom dress shirts, StyleSolosso 0 Comments

The two button cuff is a stylish single-layer alternative to the double cuff.  This cuff wraps around the wrist, closing with two vertical buttons where the ends overlap.  A two button cuff typically has a longer barrel than a one button cuff (the term barrel refers to the length of the cuff).  The longer barrel […]

Dress Shirt Cuff : One Button Cuff
September 8th, 2011Custom dress shirts, StyleSolosso 0 Comments

  The one button cuff is a single-layer cuff (as opposed to a double cuff) that wraps around the wrist and fastens with a single button, with one side of the cuff overlapping the other.  Because of its simplicity and comfort, this is the most common type of cuff and is found on most ready-to-wear […]

Dress Shirt Cuff : Double Cuff
September 6th, 2011Custom dress shirts, Style, TrendsSolosso 0 Comments

  A double cuff, also known as a French cuff, is a longer cuff that is folded back (or “doubled”).  It has buttonholes on each side that are fastened with cufflinks.  Double cuffs present a distinguished appearance.  They are de rigueur with formal wear and are also worn with many business suits.  Traditionally, the double […]

Fasten Your Dress Shirt

Cufflinks lend a mark of distinction to a formal dress shirt.  They are used to fasten a French cuff, also known as a double cuff, which is twice as long as a buttoned cuff and is worn doubled back.  Instead of a button and buttonhole, the cuff features a double pair of buttonholes that must […]

Understanding Contrast and Colour

The colour of a man’s dress shirt is usually the first thing you notice about him.  Ideally, this colour will draw your eyes to his face.  Unfortunately, many men choose colours that detract from their facial features or make them appear washed out.  Rather than choosing colours based on habit or personal preference, a man […]

Different types Different shirts

Double Cuff Dress Shirts                                   Double cuffs, also known as French cuffs, are folded and fastened with cuff links or silk knots.  Double cuff dress shirts are a requirement for semi-formal and formal menswear.  They are also appropriate with […]

Button-Down Collar

The button-down collar is a variation of the point collar.  Each collar point is fastened to the shirt body by a button that is inserted into a small buttonhole at the tip of thecollar point.  The button-down shirt collar is an American contribution to men’s fashion, popularized by Ivy League college students and sports figures […]

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