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Inspired: Stockholm Fashion Week 2010 (continue)
August 15th, 2011Fashion, Inspiration, News, Style, TrendsSolosso 0 Comments

Let’s continue with Stockholm Fashion Week 2010 with one of the top brand in Sweden. Since we are here in SHFW, we should not miss “Tiger of Sweden”  Spring Summer 2011 collection Photo credit : Fashionisto

The English Spread Collar

The English spread collar has been closely associated with men’s bespoke dressing ever since the Duke of Kent popularized it in the 1920s.  This classic style of collar is widely recognized as the most elegant choice for dress shirts worn with well-tailored suits.  The shape of the spread collar leaves a wide enough space between […]

Eco-Friendly Fashion for Men
July 14th, 2011Fashion, Inspiration, Style, TrendsSolosso 0 Comments

Protecting the environment is becoming increasingly important and the fashion world has taken notice.  Eco-friendly fashion utilizes sustainable, recycled and biodegradable materials – think organic cotton, bamboo and hemp.  It avoids pollution and toxic substances, including pesticides, fertilizers and petroleum products. There are currently many more eco-friendly fashion options for women than men, but that […]

Best Men Summer Shoes
July 1st, 2011Fashion, Inspiration, Style, TrendsSolosso 0 Comments

The appropriate footwear for men’s business attire doesn’t vary much throughout the year, but summer affords a chance to try some new casual styles.  Here are some suggestions for the best men summer shoes of 2011. Brown wingtips – Dress up a blue blazer or a pair of khaki pants with a classic brown or […]

Shirt Fitting of Men’s Dress Shirts

Slim Fit Dress Shirts Men who have a lean physique or an athletic build often find that slim fit dress shirts are more comfortable and more flattering.   Slim fit dress shirts are tapered at the sides, with less fabric around the waist.  If your shirts are baggy around the waist and bunch up in the […]

How to Wear a Dress Shirt

The dress shirt has been a stable of well-dressed men’s wardrobes ever since men began wearing suits in the early 1800s.  There are certain traditions and rules on how to wear a dress shirt for a formal occasion.  There are also new trends in menswear that allow you to adopt a more modern approach to […]

What is your favourite men’s fashion blog? [POLL]
June 24th, 2011Fashion, Inspiration, StyleSolosso 7 Comments

Since we published our list of our favourite men’s fashion blogs out there, we’ve received lots of nice feedback from the blog authors and their fans. Clearly, the number of fantastic men’s fashion blogs is enormous (we are listing 88 already) and our ranking is subjective based on our tastes. That’s why we have decided […]

Neckties help you make a statement
June 24th, 2011Fashion, Inspiration, Style, TrendsSolosso 0 Comments

We live in a visual world and there’s no denying that a man’s appearance is often used to gauge his character and confidence.  When it comes to dress shirt accessories, it’s important to invest in pieces that will speak volumes about your personal style.  Neckties in particular should be chosen with an eye towards making […]

Dress Shirt Fabrics : How to Pick The Right One

High quality dress shirt fabrics, or shirtings, are most often made from natural fibres.  This includes cotton, linen and cotton/linen blends.  Silk, a soft fibre with a high sheen that is made from the cocoons of silk worms, is sometimes used for dress shirts, though in general it is too soft and does not produce […]

Spring and Summer Fashion Trends for Men
June 10th, 2011Fashion, Style, TrendsSolosso 2 Comments

Men’s fashion styles cycle more slowly than women’s, which is actually a great benefit. Spring and summer fashion trends in men’s suits and casual clothing will look up-to-date for several seasons to come.  This allows men to invest more money in their wardrobe and to wear their favourite pieces of clothing longer. Suits for 2011 […]

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