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A Cocktail Hour Essential
January 16th, 2014StyleSolosso 0 Comments

There are some things men simply should know how to do. Aside from being able to change a flat tire, make a decent omelet, and throw a Frisbee so it doesn’t land on the water (or up a tree), every man should know how to make a decent cocktail.

That undefined time of the day when people are transformed from working-day stiffs to a twilight version of their better selves is known throughout the drinking world as happy hour. What man can resist having the power to bring about this transformation?

This drink comes in many variants, but at its core, a cocktail is a simple yet potent combination of liquor and bitters, with a dash of the unexpected sometimes tossed in. To make a proper Coquetier for instance, which is a cocktail from Berlin, you will need cinnamon and an eggshell aside from rum and chocolate.

You don’t even need a vast repertoire of drinks to rule this hour. But you do have to know how to mix the drinks without consulting a recipe book. That would simply be too amateurish and quite unacceptable. It is crucial that you come across as someone for whom whipping up the perfect cocktail drink comes as naturally as – say, changing a flat tire (see above). Part of the appeal of having this skill is the awe it inspires in the other person for whom you are mixing the drink and their absolute delight when you get it right ‘off the top of your head.’ Make sure you know your favorite drink recipes by heart; then you can stir, shake and splash with complete control and in utter confidence.

Cocktails are especially appreciated during winter months as the spirits have a comforting and warming effect on a body desperately trying to fend off the cold. A Manhattan is a popular winter cocktail, as are Hot Buttered Rum and a traditional Tom and Jerry. Start with these winter classics and you’ll be the toast of the cocktail hour at your next winter gathering.

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