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How to look like a millionaire on a budget
February 4th, 2015StyleSolosso 0 Comments

We’ve all been there, you want to look good, you want to impress, you want to turn heads but there’s one problem…..You don’t have the bread, you’re low on dough, you just don’t have enough, wedge.

Well put down the tiny violin and look no further. We’ve done a bit of research and to ‘fake it until you make it’ just requires a few minor tweaks to your personal style and mindset. With our tips below, you’ll have everything you need to look the part, act the part and live the part.
You can convince anyone you’re a millionaire. All you need is to…

Step 1) Look the Part

Focus on the emotional benefit of sharp dressing. Once you’re plugged into the idea of looking the part you’ll naturally aspire to make some positive changes. Contrary to popular belief a designer wardrobe doesn’t depend on a huge bank balance. Sending out the right message simply requires smart thinking.

Sharpen up your groomed style with a classic haircut and a professional shave. Traditional Men’s barbers will give you just as good a cut as a stylist without charging a small fortune. Take a look at some of the latest classic haircut styles to get an idea of what’s fashionable right now.




Whilst we’re on the subject of classic styles, be sure to look at some of the designer threads you can find at vintage clothes stores or online. A vintage Herringbone Checked three-piece suit for example is yours for just over $100 and will really get heads turning. Swap your tired wardrobe for elegant pieces that reflect your new status.

Don’t forget the briefcase. Even if the entire contents are a half eaten apple, carry a briefcase around and you’ll look like the brains behind a business operation. Just make sure nobody sees you actually carrying a briefcase full of fruit! (However if this does happen, simply say you are the CEO of Innocent Smoothies, they will definitely believe you).


“Shoes maketh the man” so make sure you give your shoes a military style brush and polish. Your expensive appearance will be instantly ruined by scruffy footwear.




Finish off with fragrance. Go for an aftershave that’s got a musky, wooden smell but with a hidden array of citrus to it. ‘Bold’ and ‘refined’ carries smells the same attributes as wealth so opt for Creed’s Millesime Imperial and smell like a millionaire.

Step 2) Act the Part

Give your name a makeover. The perfect name conjures up leadership qualities, revered status and influence. If your name is Barry or Larry try Barrington or Laurence instead.

Hire some wheels. Need to impress for a specific occasion? No stress. For just over $1,000, you can hire a Lamborghini, Porsche or Ferrari for the day with Hertz. Your flash wheels don’t have to be parked on your drive 24/7, just make sure you don’t waiver the accidental collision cover!

Be unique. Some of the world’s wealthiest men had a distinctive eccentric streak. Exaggerating your unique quirkiness will leave people assuming that you have stacks of cash. Just be sure to be eccentric and not crazy, think Jack Sparrow not Van Gogh as nobody wants to be picking your ear off the floor!

Know your Art. Amassing general knowledge about art history, fine wine, gastronomy and classical music conveys the message that you’re the real deal. A quick skim through the Art History for Dummies is a nice little start.

Take up an unusual hobby such as wine tasting at Vinopolis, which will also cover part of the previous point. You’ll earn respect for mastering a pastime and may even meet some fellow wealthy chaps because the rich make time to pursue other interests. Be warned though, they may also be fake millionaires!

Change your lingo. Refine your speech by speaking the Queen’s English with correct intonation and pronunciation. Take a skim through the classic Guide to Etiquette and Modern Manners by John Morgan to give you everything you’ll need.

Step 3) Live the Part

Ditch the comfy armchair in favour of world famous designer furniture at a fraction of the price. Simply kit your pad out with replicas of the classics such as the Eames Chair or the infamous Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair.



Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen


Get out the paint brush and decorate your home with a neutral palette and embellish it with a couple of large mirrors (on the walls not the ceiling). The light colour and large reflections will make the room seem bigger that will ooze taste and sophistication.

Alternatively, why not go the whole way and hire a wealthy guy’s apartment for the weekend? Book via sites like House Trip and you’ll be well and truly living the part without the mortgage inducing heart palpitations!

Finally, to really sell the lifestyle part. Take a leaf out of this Dutch lady’s book who faked being on vacation by merely the use of Photoshop and get on Facebook. You too can fool your Facebook friends by a bit of cutting here and pasting there to make them think you are living the millionaire lifestyle. They never need know you actually uploaded the photo whilst sat in your underpants watching Big Bang Theory!

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