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Top 10 blog posts of the week covering men’s style. August 2012, Issue 1.
August 5th, 2012Fashion, Inspiration, Style, TrendsSolosso 0 Comments

Great to see the response to our last weekly summary! Here comes August’s first issue.

  1. First Look: Cucinelli FW12. Check out Cusinelli’s tasty take on casual menswear. Lot’s of inspiration for you guys here!
  2. The Need for Tweed. Everything about tweed and how to match it properly.
  3. eBay Roundup. Another installment of eBay roundup at Put This On. Check it out while the items are still on sale.
  4. Men’s Fashion Basics – Layering & Fabric Combinations. Learn how to combine fabrics and make layers work for you.
  5. The 5 worst kits of the Olympic Games. Another look at some less fortunate designs of official kits.
  6. Inspiration from Trashness. Plenty of great ideas, like this, this, or this.
  7. 10 Best Hairstyles and Haircuts for Men. A combination of classic haircuts and trending styles to suit all types of modern gentlemen.
  8. Achieving Effortless Style. Effortless doesn’t mean without effort.
  9. Vass Shoes. Even if you don’t decide to buy these, there is some great inspiration from these pictures.
  10. Half Green, Half Summer. Green is an important colour this season, get inspired by this outfit.

That’s it for this week’s issue. If you like our summaries and would like to contribute with something similar, please have a look at our guest blogging guidelines and drop us a line!

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