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The Artistry of Fixing Luxury Watches with Manhattan Time Service
August 15th, 2013AccessoriesSolosso 0 Comments

fixing luxury watches

Buying a luxury watch is one of life’s few simple pleasures and there are few status symbols that speak more about the character of a man than his choice of timepiece. Whether you’re a Rolex aficionado or prefer something with a little more brute force like a Panerai, the world of luxury watches is filled with a heady mix of stunning and luxurious timepieces to choose from.

Given that you will likely be spending thousands of dollars on your choice of watch, you will have high hopes that it will last for many years – something that, more often than not, it will do due to the high quality of craftsmanship that goes into all the leading luxury watchmaking brands. However, there are those occasions which are impossible to avoid and damage to a watch can become inevitable. Whether this is a cracked watch face or a damaged strap, there are few things more frustrating that your Breitling, IWC or Rolex watch looking anything less than pristine.

Fortunately, however, for those residing in New York, there is a specialist in the field of luxury watch repair that goes by the name of Manhattan Time Service that has over three decades of experience in remedying such issues for luxury watches and, you name it, they’ve likely seen it in their thirty years of so of operation from their iconic workshop just off 5th Avenue in New York City. The art of fixing watches is more or less just as tricky as crafting them in the first place and this is why you will find a whole array of technology and equipment on the work benches of Manhattan Time Service because, without the very best tools, you cannot expect to do the sort of work that a luxury watch owner will demand. You can see their impressive set up below:

fixing luxury watches

fixing luxury watches

You know that you must be doing something right when it comes to luxury watch repair in New York when the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton, uses your services when he requires his presidential issue timepiece to be fixed and, safe to say, Manhattan Time Service did an exemplary job on his watch and you can see their handiwork on Clinton’s watch below:

fixing luxury watches

In terms of heritage and quality of work, it is impossible to top Manhattan Time Service and they can rightly consider themselves a Manhattan institution.

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