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What Women Want: 7 Ways to Dress to Impress
February 11th, 2015StyleSolosso 0 Comments

It’s been said that women do not dress for men; they dress for other women. But what about the guys? Surely they’re not dressing for each other. They dress to impress their partners or potential partners.

And let’s be honest. Women can be pretty brutal when it comes to judging style. It’s not that you have to be the next David Beckham to catch her eye, but you should show that you put at least a single thought into getting dressed in the morning (which will probably mean leaving the funny tees in the attic).

Stores can be overwhelming, and so can trying to figure out what fits. We’ve broken what women want down into seven easy rules for avoiding rejection from women, at least as far as appearances go.

Be Classic




Without fail, women are suckers for all things classic. Stick to the basics like black, white and navy. They are safe bets and so are V-necks, crew necks, sweaters and blazers. You can do no wrong with any of these combinations.

When in Doubt: Denim

There’s something about the casual look that is enticing. Finding a good fit and wash that works for you is worth the time and money. Stay far away from anything too bedazzled, anything with fancy pockets, or anything with an extreme mix of washes. Sticking with light or dark is great, but mixing light on dark is risky.

Be Put Together




More than anything, women want to see that you’re put together. If your outfit’s a mess, why would she think your life is any different? As long as your shirt’s buttons aren’t mixed up, your belt seems to be functioning properly, and your sweater isn’t a disheveled three sizes too big, you could be in the clear.

Don’t Try Too Hard

Don’t go crazy trying to master every new trend as it comes. Chances are good that you will fail, and you’ll look like a goon trying. Don’t overdo it. When a color is “in,” don’t go out and buy your socks, ties, T-shirts and underwear in that color.

Let Your Accessories Speak



How you accessorize speaks volumes. Too many rings, chains or earrings could send your lady running in the other direction. But a classic watch could make her stick around. Try to find something not overly flashy that will be versatile enough so it can work as a staple.

Pop Up Piece




While women do appreciate the classic look, it’s always good to catch her off guard. Pull out a piece with a pop of color, or something unlike what you would usually wear. It will surprise her. Remember, these pieces should be saved for occasions and should not be rocked on a daily basis.

Your Hygiene Matters

None of what you’re wearing matters if you don’t have good hygiene to go along with it. A clean face goes with everything, so it’s crucial to get rid of any unwanted or irrelevant skin. And let’s be real, lips are pretty important. Finding a lip balm without shine that will make your lips soft and your breath fresh is pure gold in relationship land.

If you do it right, you’ll find that it won’t take much to impress her. And after mastering a few of these tips, your new-found style will feel so natural that you won’t be able to return to oblivion. In the end, your efforts will be appreciated. And don’t be surprised if she asks you for style tips. See, when it comes to dressing up, “What women want” is not such a hard problem to solve!




Savannah Hemmings is a personal shopper and lifestyle blogger based in Philadelphia. For more advice on current fashion and home trends, check out her blog SincerelySavannah for her latest tips and tricks.

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