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About Us

Our Story, Our Passion

The unparalleled pleasure of wearing something uniquely tailored to fit one's preferences, combined with a passion for entrepreneurship and sustainability, has led Severin Jan Rüegger to found Solosso while living in Asia. Solosso Private Limited was incorporated as a Swiss-led Singaporean company in 2009 and today is primarily managed by the founder’s mother. Our guiding principle is to run a transparent, environmentally friendly and socially responsible organisation that provides highest quality and stylishly tailored custom dress shirts for men for an affordable price. We are dedicated to traditional, quality craftsmanship and carefully fitted men's dress shirts in fine fabrics that are produced in a sustainable way. 

The crisp but soft feel of luxurious materials, the outstanding comfort and the great look of a perfectly tailored dress shirt have long been a luxury reserved for a tiny elite with the bank accounts to afford Jermyn Street shirt makers. We strongly believe that the cheap throwaway products and the one-size-fits-all approach is a relict of the past. The future lies in sustainable but still affordable high-quality products that are handcrafted to the exact preferences and measurements of their wearers. These are the products that you will keep and value for years to come. These are Solosso shirts!

The founder-mother duo behind Solosso
The successful mother-son duo: Founder Severin Jan Rüegger together with Annemarie Rüegger-Vonrüti, the current driving force behind Solosso.

Switzerland Office

Solosso Pte Ltd - Representative Office
Annemarie Rüegger-Vonrüti
Obergasse 5
8126 Zumikon

Asian Office

Solosso Pte Ltd
14 Robinson Road
Far East Finance Building
Singapore 048545
Company Registration No. 200912986Z

Email and Social Media
Any inquiries: info@solosso.com

You can also interact with the Solosso team by friending us on Facebook or following us on Instagram or on Twitter here.