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Our Custom Dress Shirt Ecology

As a guiding principle, Solosso aims to run a socially responsible and environmentally friendly organisation that produces sustainable custom dress shirts for men. We work hard to minimise the environmental impact of our organisation and, with the help of our partner Carbonfund.org, to offset entirely our carbon footprint.

Solosso's ecological approach to produce custom made dress shirts for men

The following is an honest overview of the “Solosso Ecology”:

The Stakeholders

Stakeholders of Solosso made to measure men's dress shirts

All Solosso employees work under fair conditions and are paid fair salaries that enable them to live a proper life. As a matter of course, no child labour is used in the production of our men's dress shirts.

We choose all of our suppliers very carefully. We collaborate with them on a long-term basis to improve the overall product, reduce the environmental impact of the production process and achieve mutual growth. We do regular inspection visits and make sure our suppliers adhere to the ecological standards we agreed to.

The customer’s satisfaction is our main goal. We are committed to honest and open communication with all our customers. We work hard to keep our promises, to serve our customers at the best and to offer value for money.
The Production

Custom men dress shirts ecological hang tag

Waste and Carbon Dioxide
We reduce the waste and carbon dioxide of our production to a minimum, and carbon offset (through Carbonfund.org) what we cannot reduce. As much as possible, we use recycled paper, folders and the like in the office.

Fine cottons with high thread counts can only be produced with long staple cottons that predominantly grow in USA, Egypt, India and China. Some pesticides are needed to grow any kind of long staple cottons (in order to grow them “long”). Furthermore, the process of dyeing cottons has to be supported by certain chemicals that help the cotton to absorb the colour. For these reasons, the cotton used to produce our premium fabrics is not organically grown, and chemicals might be used in the process.

Mother-of-Pearl Buttons
All our buttons are cultured in pearl farms in Tahiti and are not “wildered” in free nature.

Our packaging consists of about 95% recycled materials and 100% recyclable materials. No harmful chemicals such as chloride are used in the production and branding process. A 100% recycled paper box is coated with partly recycled, handmade mulberry paper. The packaging is produced in Northern Thailand by rural people in a fair trade manner. They receive fair salaries and proper training to improve their handicraft skills.


Solosso bespoke dress shirts for men partner for environmentally friendly and social responsible production

As a matter of principle, all employee travel and merchandise transportation is reduced to a minimum, and what cannot be reduced is offset through our partner, Carbonfund.org.

Some people might ask: "So you claim to be an environmentally friendly organisation, yet you ship merchandise all over the world?" Well, this is a compromise we unfortunately had to make in order to provide high quality, tailor-made shirts at an affordable price. The production in Thailand also helps many local people earn a proper living. Furthermore, we offset the whole carbon footprint of all our shipments through our partner, Carbonfund.org. We are proud to be a carbon-neutral organisation.

Feedback and Ideas
We would love to get your feedback on how to ecologically improve our organisation. Please send us your ideas to info@solosso.com. We will take your input very seriously and try our best to incorporate your suggestions.