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Solosso's Custom Dress Shirt FAQ

If you have a question that isn't answered on this page then please contact us.

Tailored Shirts and Solosso
Why should I buy Solosso Shirts?
Please have a look at the product page, which explains Solosso’s quality features in detail. In short, we offer
- Premium materials such as fine fabrics, mother-of-pearl buttons and stainless steel collar stays (more).
- High-quality craftsmanship, including pattern-matching split yoke and gusset (more).
- Ecology. As a guiding principle, we aim to run a socially responsible and environmentally friendly organisation (more).
- Proper Fit. Dress shirt wearers can enjoy the rare luxury of having both great comfort and the unparalleled look that comes with a proper fit (more).
- No Branding. Every Solosso made to measure dress shirt is unique and handcrafted for one purpose only – to perfectly match your preferences and measurements (more).
- Free Shipping for all orders over USD 200 (more).

What materials do you use to produce the Solosso Shirts?
We exclusively use some of the finest natural materials to custom-tailor your Solosso custom dress shirts. The main materials used in the production of our high-quality shirts are listed below:
- Premium 2-ply luxury cottons
- Exquisite linen
- Premium mother-of-pearl buttons
- High-quality stainless steel collar stays
- Recycled and recyclable packaging paper
- Recycled and recyclable handmade mulberry paper

What do you mean by "We are trying hard to run an ecological organisation"?
We do everything we can to be as environmentally friendly and socially responsible as we possible can, but we have to face certain business realities. For an in-depth discussion about our environmental and social engagement, please click here.

Measure and Design Your Shirt
As a guiding principle, we want to make you happy! We thus introduced the Fit Guarantee to answer some of the questions you might have – what if my shirt doesn’t fit? What can I do?

Follow these two easy steps if your shirt doesn’t fit:
1) Send us an email indicating what you would like to change (e.g. narrow the waist by 2 inches, change collar). If you are not sure what to change, send us pictures of you wearing the shirt from different angles, to help us understand the problem.
2) We will review your feedback and suggest next steps.

The fit guarantee is offered to first time customers who haven’t worn their shirt. The fit guarantee only applies if you have chosen to “Measure Yourself”. If you choose the “Measure your favourite shirt” option, the measurements of your new shirt should be the same as on the original shirt. However, we cannot guarantee that the seams and the design will be identical to the original shirt. Please allow a slight variance from the original measurement. Should the measurements of the received Solosso shirt be considerably different from the measurements you indicated in your order, Solosso will offer you a new product free of charge. The fit guarantee does not apply to the "buy 2 get 1 free" promotion.

How do I know if the ordered shirt will fit?
We carefully fine-tuned the measurement process with a big testing group to make it as accurate, as easy and as fast as possible.
As a general rule, you should provide us with your exact current measurements. Please do not choose smaller measurements or bigger measurements because you want to lose or gain weight. Our shirts are cut in a way that accommodates slight weight fluctuations.
Virtually all our customers are satisfied with the fit of our shirts. If not, we offer a fit guarantee (see above).

How do I know how to design/create a shirt? There are so many choices on your website...
Yes, we offer many design and personalisation options, but this is what made to measure shirts are all about, and we are convinced that you will love the variety.

In order to make designing your custom men's dress shirt easier, we have introduced three distinct shirt models: business, casual and elegant. Each model exemplifies a conventional type of shirt and comes with default choices (such as default collar or cuff). These default choices show you what a normal business, casual or elegant shirt looks like. You can then just accept our proposed default choices and continue to the next step, or you can adjust them to fit your preferences. For our more advanced customers, we offer the possibility of designing a shirt from scratch.

How do I get my measurements?
We currently offer you four easy ways to get your measurements. Please just follow our comprehensive guidance during the ordering process. You will be able to save a variety of measurement profiles for the different measurement possibilities, in order to use them at a later point in time. You can create your measurement profile in the My Account section.
- Measure yourself.
- Measure your favourite shirt easily.
- Indicate your standard size.
- Send in your favourite shirt so we can take the measurements. Your shirt will be returned with your order. (Only available in Switzerland).

Can I have you measure me?
This is currently not possible. Instead we provide you with all the necessary instructions to measure yourself fast and conveniently. Create your measurement profile in the My Account section of our website to get started. If you prefer having a professional taking your measurements, please go to a local tailor to collect your measurements and we reimburse you up to USD 10 in form of store credit.

Can I really measure myself?
It is possible but not advised. We recommend all of our clients to be measured by a friend, a tailor or a clothing professional (please have a look at the “Measure Yourself” part of our website for instructions). If you choose to be measured by a tailor or clothing professional, we will reimburse your costs (once) up to USD 10 in the form of store credit. Having assistance in gathering your measurements makes the process much faster and more accurate. Please send us a copy of the invoice for the measuring service to info@solosso.com and we will credit your account.

Countries, Delivery and Taxes/Duties
What is the shipping fee?
The price of our custom dress shirt for men includes free standard worldwide delivery (approximately 4 weeks) for all orders over USD 200. Any orders below USD 200 have a USD 15 shipping fee.

As a matter of course, the carbon footprint of all our shipments is offset through our partner, Carbonfund.org. Learn more about our ecological approach.

Do I have to pay duties and taxes?
This varies from country to country. In most countries there is an exemption quota that allows some merchandise – depending on the value of the package – to be received free of taxes and duties. Solosso will not be responsible for any duties or taxes you might be charged.

Is there a handling fee for clearing customs?
If your delivery is not exempted from customs, there is a chance that you will be charged a handling fee for paperwork by the local authority.

How do I track my package?
We will send you a shipment notification that includes a tracking number to track your package.

Price, Payment and Order
How much do Solosso shirts cost? Pricing explained …
The price of our custom men dress shirts depends on their fabric, and starts from USD 109. The shirt price includes the complete shirt with mother-of-pearl buttons, free standard shipping for orders over USD 200 and nice stainless steel collar stays. The following fancy extras are charged separately:

- Triangle or Pentagon Gusset: USD 5
- Alternative inner cuff fabric: USD 5
- Alternative inner collar fabric: USD 5
- White collar (if shirt has a different colour): USD 5
- White cuffs (if shirt has a different colour): USD 5
- Monogram: USD 10
- Pocket square (made from shirt fabric): USD 10
- Monogram on pocket square: USD 5

Why is the displayed price during the shopping process slightly different from the final price?
All of our pricing is done in US dollars, which is then converted to your chosen currency. As these prices are rounded during the shopping process, the final price might be slightly different.

How do I know that I can trust Solosso with my credit card details?
For your enhanced security, we have partnered with Stripe and Skrill, to provide you with a very secure payment experience. As a result, Stripe and Skrill manage the entire payment process, and therefore Solosso never sees, saves or otherwise gets your credit card details. Please read our privacy policy for more information on safety and privacy issues.

Aren’t your custom dress shirts relatively expensive considering they’re produced in Asia?
Solosso is dedicated to fine quality fabrics, ecological production, fair salaries and good craftsmanship. Such quality has its price. In comparison to other high-quality custom men's dress shirts produced in Europe or the United States, Solosso shirts are very competitive.

How can I pay for my shirts?
Solosso accepts all major credit cards and Skrill. For enhanced security, our payment processing partners Stripe and Skrill facilitate all of our payment processes (including accepting your credit card as a payment for Solosso shirts).

Order and Returns
Can I change or cancel an order?
Yes, you can, but only until we begin the production of your made to measure dress shirts (this normally starts about 24 hours after we receive your order). Please send us an email at info@solosso.com to change or cancel an order.

Can I return or exchange a product?
The goal of Solosso is to provide high-quality custom dress shirts for men that you can enjoy to the fullest. If this is not the case and you are displeased with your Solosso shirt, we will try our best to solve all problems. You can rest assured that we want to make you happy with your purchase.
In case we send you the wrong product, the right product but with the wrong features, or a faulty product, or if we did not use your provided measurements properly, you can return and exchange your Solosso shirt at no cost to you. Should you experience any of these problems, please send an email to us at info@solosso.com. As a matter of course, we will reimburse the shipping costs, if you send the faulty product back to us with the cheapest method available.
If we fulfilled your order accurately but you are unhappy with our tailored shirt for any other reason, you can contact us by emailing us at info@solosso.com, and we will try to find a solution to your problem. However, please be aware that every Solosso shirt is one of a kind and specifically tailored to your wishes and measurements; we therefore cannot offer a return or exchange guarantee.

Garment Care
Will the Solosso shirts shrink?
The fine cotton and linen used in most of our custom men's dress shirts tend to shrink just a little bit when washed a couple of times. We will therefore deliver your tailored shirts slightly larger than expected. Accordingly, our customers are advised to provide their measurements exactly as indicated in the measuring section of the website. Please take this into account when receiving our dress shirts.

How do I properly wash the Solosso shirts?
Undo all the buttons and turn the made to measure dress shirt inside out before washing. This lessens the strain on the stitches holding the buttons on the shirt, protects the mother-of-pearl buttons and allows the cleaning agent to access the underarm stains directly. We recommend to wash the shirt by hand as this can significantly increase the lifetime of your shirt. Be careful not to wash the shirts in water with a temperature over 40°C/105°F. Do not tumble-dry them, as this may wear them out and shrink the fabric. You should also remove the collar stays before washing, in order to prevent uneven wear on the point of the collar.

Can I dry-clean the Solosso shirts?
Our fine natural fabrics may suffer over time from the repeated harsh chemical treatments involved in ‘normal’ dry cleaning. Therefore, opting for hand laundering service at your dry cleaner can increase the life of your tailored shirts. There is also a variety of dry cleaners that do not use harsh chemicals at all.

Cannot find what you are looking for?

If you have a question that isn't answered on this page then please contact us by email, on Facebook or Twitter.