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Dress Shirt Materials

Premium Fabrics

Premium fabrics of our custom dress shirts

Solosso exclusively offers dress shirts handcrafted from some of the finest natural materials, such as 2-ply cotton. Solosso is proud to present a variety of premium high-thread cottons that tend to soften and improve over time with repeated wearing and washing. The characteristics of our finished shirts thus include a luxuriously fine yet crisp feel, bright colours and great durability.
Mother-of-Pearl Buttons

Mother-of-pearl buttons of Solosso's tailored men's dress shirts

All of our made to measure dress shirts are exclusively equipped with high-quality mother-of-pearl Buttons. MOP buttons are very durable, and glamourise the sophisticated men's dress shirts. These high-quality buttons are cultured in pearl farms in Tahiti and are not “wildered” in free nature (Learn more about our ecological approach here).

Ecological Packaging

Ecological packaging of our bespoke dress shirts

Solosso's men dress shirts are packaged in boxes made out of more than 95% recycled and 100% recyclable materials. A 100% recycled paper box is coated with premium (partly recycled) handmade mulberry paper. The packaging is produced in Northern Thailand by rural people in cottage-industry fashion and in a fair trade manner. No harmful chemicals such as chloride are used in the production and branding process.

Luxurious Stainless Steel Collar Stays

Stainless steal collar stays of our men dress shirts

We adhere to our guiding principle of producing high-quality dress shirts for men that can be used for years. All of our shirts (except the button-down ones) come with complimentary stainless steel collar stays of the finest quality. These collar stays are designed to last and be used for a long time.