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Men's Style Guide

Solosso Style Guide Library

The following articles will provide you with deep insights into style and gentleman's wear including custom dress shirts, tailored suits, fashion tips, Italian fabrics and much more. Enjoy!

Custom Dress Shirts Information

  • Introducing Custom Dress Shirts For Men
  • What's Important to Know about Men's Dress Shirts
  • Custom Dress Shirt Anatomy
  • How to Wear a Custom Dress Shirt
  • Men's Dress Shirt Fabrics
  • Men's Dress Shirt Collar: The Classic Point Collar
  • Men's Dress Shirt Collar: The English Spread Collar
  • Men's Dress Shirt Collar: The Button-Down Collar
  • Men's Dress Shirt Cuff: Double or French Cuff
  • Men's Dress Shirt Cuff: Two Button Cuff
  • Men's Dress Shirt Cuff: One Button Cuff
  • Men's Dress Shirt: Monogram and Dress Shirt Bottoms
  • Men's Dress Shirt: Pocket
  • Men's Dress Shirt: Yoke
  • Men's Dress Shirts: What Is The Dress Shirt Placket
  • The Right Custom Dress Shirt For Any Occasion
  • Men's Dress Shirt Types
  • Different Looks With One White Custom Dress Shirt
  • Understanding Seasons and Colours for Custom Dress Shirts
  • Understanding Contrast and Colour for Custom Dress Shirts
  • Shirt Fittings for Men's Dress Shirts
  • What is Egyptian Cotton?

  • Accessories, Trends and Style Advice

  • Why Dressing With Classic Colour and Style Always Looks Good
  • Gentlemen, What to Wear at a Wedding
  • Men's Dress Shirts and Neckties
  • Fasten Your Dress Shirt: Cufflinks
  • Men Summer Shoes
  • Spring And Summer Fashion Trends for Men 2011
  • Autumn and Winter Fashion Trends for Men 2011
  • Eco-friendly Fashion For Men
  • Mad Men Retro Style Clothing. Dress like Don Drapper.
  • Fashion Tips for Short Men
  • Men's Fashion Faux Pas

  • Great Resources on Men's Fahsion

  • Best Menswear Stores Around The World
  • Best Men Fashion Blog Poll
  • Best Men Fashion Blogs