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Our Recent Press

We feel very flattered by all the attention we have received for Solosso since we launched it. Small blog or a big magazine, every mention is special to us. We are happy to share a selection of them here. Big thanks to all the nice people spreading the word about Solosso!

If you are a blogger or journalist interested in writing about Solosso, please contact us at press@solosso.com. We will gladly provide you with high resolution pictures, additional information or anything else that will help you with your article!

ThrillistThrillist, "In just minutes, Solosso will walk you through building a bespoke dress shirt, starting with preferred cut (casual, business, or formal), choice of linen or Egyptian cotton in dozens of patterns, and specific design specs like collar, cuff, and pocket style; they even show you how to properly measure yourself." Read the full article.

ReutersReuters, "Solosso specializes in producing high quality men’s custom dress shirts starting for $89, giving each consumer the opportunity to create just the shirt they are looking for, tailoring the product for their own unique needs and tastes, as opposed to mass produced goods where standardization and cost reduction are the focus. You’re happier, and with less waste as a result, the world is better off." Read the full article.

Fast CompanyFast Company, "Solosso's handmade dress shirts use high quality materials and production methods, so they are built to look good, feel good, fit well, and to last. By co-creating men's dress shirts with you, each shirt they make is the perfect shirt for you." Read the full article.

FT DeutschlandFinancial Times Deutschland, "Tailor-made and co-created shirts at an affordable price - with this idea has Solosso been named the founder of the week in the 34th calendar week of 2010." Read the full article.

Broke and BespokeBroke and Bespoke, "The quality of the shirt I received is on par with the best of the other MTM shirting companies I’ve tried. They’re competitively priced with other online MTM shirting companies, and practice ethics and offer some options that I think could make happy customers out of many." Read the full article.

Pinstripes and TweedPinstripes and Tweed, "Though made in Thailand, the quality is superb and rivals that of Italian-made Neronote. [...] With its excellent customer service and high-quality shirting, Solosso gets PinstripesandTweed.com’s recommendation. With its very affordable prices, there’s really no reason to buy that ill-fitting shirt from the department store or high-priced famous brand." Read the full article.

From Squalor to BallerFrom Squalor to Baller, "Overall, the quality of the fabric and construction are on par with the nicest MTM shirts I own." Read the full article.

SyriousLY in FashionSyriousLY in Fashion, "I have had the opportunity to test the product and i have to admit that the quality of the fabric is excellent, perfect fit (I chose a slim fit), carried out with meticulous stitching and the packaging respects the environment (strictly 100% recycled ) and it is very well made." Read the full article.

BilanzBilanz, "You can choose from dozens of fabrics and patterns. So that the shirt fits perfectly, you must take your measurements first - the website shows you how, and they offer a price guarantee for that." Read the full article.

NZZ am SonntagNZZ am Sonntag, "A high quality tailor-made shirt for 90 francs? Solosso, the young Swiss company, makes it with their online service possible ... Thanks to a nice box, pearl buttons and stainless steel collar stays, it's a pleasure!" Read the full article.

Men's FlairMen's Flair, "They have all the marks of high quality shirts: fine fabrics, mother-of-pearl buttons, pattern matching, single needle stitching, removable collar stays, split yokes, and gussets." Read the full article.

Men's FlairBrandish, "There is nothing like having a custom tailored shirt, and now you can get one without having to break the bank down on Savile Row." Read the full article.

Carbon FundCarbon Fund, "Solosso provides premium custom dress shirts in the finest fabrics, tailored to your exact fit. Pick your style and fabric and enter your measurements and your tailor-made shirt will be shipped to you free of charge!" Read the full article.

Cool ThingsCool Things, "You literally get to choose everything you want. Hate dress shirts with pockets? No problem. Want an extra button on the collar for no reason whatsoever? Sure. Think a different fabric inside the cuffs makes you look stylish? Just pick it from the options and you'll get it." Read the full article.

Killer StartupsKiller Startups, "Solosso will let anybody design a dress shirt tailored to his exact fit online. These are eco-friendly pieces of clothing that bear no branding and that are made using premium materials like fine fabrics (linen or premium two-fold Egyptian cotton) and stainless steel collar stays, along with mother-of-pearl buttons." Read the full article.

Haga NegociosHaga Negocios, "Solosso has added ingredients of social responsibility, together with environmental care and fairness of wages paid out to its tailors." Read the full article.

SG EntrepreneursSG Entrepreneurs, "Solosso allows you to customize your dress shirts, choosing details such as fabric, buttons, types of collars, cuffs, pleats…and measurements, so you end up with a shirt that cannot be found elsewhere." Read the full article.

EcopreneuristEcopreneurist, "Shirt wearers everywhere can go to the Solosso website and hand pick their own fabric, design, collar, buttons, then submit the shirt for hand production by an experienced tailor. Since shirts are made from quality materials, according to each person's specifications, they should be higher quality and last longer." Read the full article.

20min20 Minuten Online, "A good deal when you consider that a tailor made shirt from a Swiss tailor can easily cost over 300 CHF." Read the full article.