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Dress Shirt Production

The Custom Mens Dress Shirt Production Process

Solosso only employs experienced tailors who have handcrafted excellent made to measure dress shirts for satisfied European and American customers for years. All our tailors are experts in the craft of custom dress shirt making, are masters in the art of detail, and meticulously implement the preferences of our valued customers.

All of our men's dress shirts are hand made with traditional craftsmanship, over many hours of dedicated work, by experienced tailors in Thailand. Our tailors use their individual skills and countless years of experience to craft the perfect dress shirt for men. Over the whole production process, each dress shirt undergoes three quality checks from three independent, knowledgeable individuals to ensure it meets Solosso’s quality standards.

Our production process is also under close supervision to guarantee high-quality made to measure dress shirts and good working conditions for all of our employees. We produce the shirts in Bangkok (Thailand), because some of the best dress shirt tailors in Asia are found there and the labour costs are very competitive. This way, Solosso can use the finest materials to handcraft high-quality, custom dress shirts for a reasonable price, while offering fair salaries to all its employees.

Solosso is dedicated to corporate social responsibility. We try hard to operate an environmentally friendly and socially responsible corporation that provides appropriate working conditions and pays decent salaries. Learn more about our ecological approach here.