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Custom Dress Shirt Quality Features

We meticulously adhere to our guiding principle to offer high-quality, made to measure dress shirts for men. Fine 2-ply cottons, mother-of-pearl buttons and laser-engraved stainless steel collar stays are only a few of the many quality features that characterise Solosso's dress shirts.

Finest Fabrics

Premium fabrics of our custom mens dress shirts

Solosso only uses the highest quality materials, such as fine 2-ply cotton, to handcraft its custom men's dress shirts.

Premium Mother-of-Pearl Buttons

Mother-of-pearl buttons exemplify our commitment to excellent made to measure dress shirts for men

We exclusively use thick high quality mother-of-pearl buttons on all of our made to measure dress shirts. They give our shirts a far more refined look and feel and we offer them with every shirt for free.

Removable Collar Stays

Premium stainless steel collar stays are a distinctive feature of Solosso's bespoke dress shirts for men

You can remove the collar stays on all of your Solosso shirts (except the button-down ones). This give the collar a great shape and prevents its tips from turning up. All of our customers enjoy premium stainless steel collar stays.

Split Yoke & Pattern Matching

Split yoke and pattern matching are a feature of our custom men dress shirts

A split yoke is normally a sign of custom dress shirts and is used to adjust a shirt’s fit precisely to a client’s specific build. The handcrafting of our bespoke dress shirts allows us to match striped or checked fabrics.

Seam Stitches

Single needle stitching is another feature of premium made to measure men dress shirts

Most seams are joined with single-needle stitching, a time-consuming and expensive method that uses one needle to sew one side of the garment at a time. The more stitches that are used per inch, the more durable a men's dress shirt is.


Gusset is a quality feature of premium custom men's dress shirts

A gusset, a triangular piece of material, can be added at the bottom as reinforcement between a shirt’s front and back parts and extends the shirts’ durability.