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Custom Dress Shirt Quality Features

We meticulously adhere to our guiding principle to offer high-quality, made to measure dress shirts for men. Fine 2-ply cottons, mother-of-pearl buttons and laser-engraved stainless steel collar stays are only a few of the many quality features that characterise Solosso's dress shirts.

We'd like to show you the details that explain the high satisfaction of Solosso customers and explain the differences between an off-the-rack shirt and a custom tailored Solosso shirt.

Shirt Yoke with Solosso Embroidery Mother of Pearl Button with thread shank
Our philosophy is understated luxury. We don't put a splashy logo on your shirt and neither use a label, but instead we place an unobtrusive embroidery on the inside of the yoke. We exclusively use complimentary Mother-of-Pearl buttons for all our shirts. And we also give every single button a so called thread shank (pictured above) that creates space between the fabric and button and allows the button to slip through its buttonhole more easily and increases the thread durability.
Split yoke and pattern matching: If you pick a split yoke, your shirt yoke consists of two parts that are placed diagonally which makes the shirt's shoulder area a little more flexible and thus enhances your wearing comfort. Handcrafting the shirt allows us to perfectly match striped or checked fabrics. Pictured above is the pattern matching on two split yokes. For some it's a must, for some it's a "by no means". But monograms are a classic characteristic of custom tailored shirts and allow the buyer to personalize his shirts with his initials. Select block or angle script, a colour of your choice as well as the placement of the monogram.

We offer 4 different collar styles online so that you can customize your shirt to your preferences: Classic Point (on the left), Button Down (on the right), English Spread and Londoner. And you can choose between one or two collar buttons. With every Solosso shirt, you receive a pair of complimentary stainless steel collar stays, which give the collar the right shape and prevent its tips from turning up.
We offer 9 different cuff options. Here, we present you a 2 button angle cuff on the left as well as an elegant square french cuff (also called double cuff), which you wear with cuff links. A gusset, a piece of fabric, can be added at the bottom as a reinforcement between a shirt's front and back parts and extends the shirt's durability. If you go for the gusset option, you can select either a triangle or a pentagon shape.